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charging issues

  1. I

    £6.3k bill - Charging issues after CCS upgrade - 2017 Model S

    Hi Folks, I paid Tesla for CCS upgrade it worked for first charge, and then on second I wasn't able to charge at home using a type 2. Telsa pushed me to get a KIT,SERVICE,GEN3 CHRG SYS,72A,3PH (1035647-01-E) saying this would fix it. £2.5k spent and issue has got worse, now car not charging at...
  2. El joe

    Gen 2 Wall Connector Issues

    Hey all, I just bought a Gen Two Wall Connector on eBay but the charging is much slower than the old mobile connector I used. My car is a 2019 SR+ Model 3 and the plug is set to pull 50 amps. Is it trying to pull too much power, resulting in a decrease in charge? Thanks in advance!
  3. L

    Charging issues

    Hi everyone, was hoping to get some opinions on what might be the issue here. We had a 14-50 outlet installed and bought the nema 14-50 adapter for the mobile charger from Tesla. However I am only getting 8KW 32/32A 235v. It’s on a 60 am breaker. After reading a few forums and seeing some...
  4. C

    Model 3 Charging ampere issue

    Hi All, I recently purchased a rwd m3. I have noticed that my charging in the app is stuck at 16A. Even when I plug into the supercharger it stays at 16A. I cannot change to 32A. No error messages showing in the car. Can someone please guide me. Do i need to book it in for servicing.
  5. B

    Yet Another MCU Failure Post

    Well everybody, it just happened to me. I upgraded from my 2014 Black Tesla Model S (which I loved!) to another fantastic 2015 Silver Tesla Model S. Upgrades for me include having autopilot 1, which alone is a huge upgrade, dual motor capability, and updated interior, among many other items...
  6. B

    Will Tesla build a clean gas generator specifically designed for the cybertruck?

    I am interested in the cyber truck. However, I hunt in remote parts of Oregon. No charging stations, nor any electric grid within 150miles of the area. If you spent a week or two in the woods that cyber truck would become a paper weight. I currently use a diesel truck and I carry 30 gallons of...
  7. T

    2019.36.2.1 - charging issues?

    So since this update has been applied over the weekend, I've had 2 instances where the car completely shutdown and wouldn't reboot while on a charger at home. The first time on Sunday morning I had a "Please wait - screens busy" message come up. I tried to get the car to boot up but nothing...
  8. K

    Charging suggestions where home charging not an option

    I am a new S85 owner living in a townhouse community. I have run into a completely unexpected issue where my homeowners association won’t let me install a charging stand in my parking spot even when the underground installation would be connected to my townhouse. I’m now starting down the legal...
  9. A

    Model 3 and J1772 charging issue

    I have an interesting puzzle to solve. Please let me know if you encountered something similar or if you have an idea about what's going on. I have a Tesla Model 3. Here is what doesn't work, the main issue: + When I try to charge my model 3 with my home charger, a J1772 plug with a tesla...
  10. O

    Charging Stopped due to charger issue- Super Charging

    I was charging at a supercharger last week and went out shopping. My car only must have charged for 2mins (got charged 0.48, rate .24/min). Came back and didn't think much of it. I got a phone notification of Charging Stopped. Same thing happened again, yesterday. Different charger at the same...
  11. MattXowner

    Range Loss

    had my MX since June. At first 100% charge got me 257 miles as advertised. 90% was 232. Now, only after 8 months of ownership, my 90% only gets me 220 miles of range. Local shop says it's normal, but MS owners I know have only lost 3-5 miles of range over the past 2 years of ownership. My...