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charging limits

  1. M

    Short Commute Charge Limit?

    New Y owner. With my new job, I commute only 6 (3 each way) miles a day (I know... I know... I should walk!). Could I get some direction on where my daily charge limit should be set to maximize battery health long term?
  2. Story

    Stuck at 12-15A ... how to reset max charge current?

    I tried searching but had no great luck. Anyone debugged this issue? This week I rented a place, and the owner generously shared his Roadster wall Charger, but asked me to limit to 12A to avoid tripping his breaker. I’m back home, and on my 70A capable charger ... but the car refuses to offer...
  3. CertLive

    Feature Request: Charge Time Window Settings

    From the app could we have the ability to set the charge starting and finishing times? This would fit lovely with electricity tariffs that have a small cheap charging window that can be used daily to top up, keep the car in that charging zone? Also select if you would or would not like a...
  4. Skipdd

    Supercharger Questions

    First, I tried searching for answers to these before posting, but did not find any.. Just got back from visiting relatives in South Carolina. On the trip back we needed to make a detour to a waypoint before heading home. As far as I know Nav does not support waypoints (did find thread on that...