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charging network

  1. CMc1

    [UK] Octopus: Electric Juice Network

    Haven’t seen this mentioned. Octopus Energy are almost ready to Beta their new combined payment solution for public chargers. Starting with Char.gy Other networks are reported to be in the pipeline. One RFID for multiple charging networks. One payment or billed to energy bill...
  2. S

    Model X ordered any tips

    Hi folks. Nice to meet you all just placed my order for Model X 75D in red 7 Seater with Auto Pilot. In preparation for delivery july any tips or advice on Home Charging systems Optional charging leads to get Other charging networks to join Insurance companies Any other things Thanks in...
  3. N

    Tesla Charging at Apartments?

    Has anyone had difficulties charging up at an apartment complex or condo? What solutions does everyone use?
  4. sarbogast

    Looking for Tesla owners in Belgium, France and Netherlands

    Hi everyone, my name is Sebastien, I live in Brussels, I love Tesla and everything they do, I can't wait to be able to afford one of these marvels and I just discovered this community. I'm also an entrepreneur and at the moment, we are thinking of a solution to the problem of scarcity of...
  5. R

    521 Mile Road Trip From East Bay To Eugene and Back

    Hey guys, I'm looking into making a 521 mile road trip from my home in the Sf Bay Area to The University of Oregon in order to drop my son at school. After a few months of tirelessly hacking away at the Blink, ChargePoint, and PlugShare pages, I began to stalk the rumored Supercharging locations...
  6. T

    How do Tesla owners make long road trips?

    I am considering buying a Tesla. I drive only 10 miles a day 300 days a year. Three or four times a year, though, I go on extended road trips of more than 1000 miles, usually west to east and back. Spending 30 minutes every 200 miles does not seem practical to me. I don't want to spend...
  7. NoMoGas

    Superchargers to be limited in future? coming to McDonalds?

    So I had an interesting, and slightly concerning, conversation at the local Tesla store today. Several things came out of this conversation including a massive expansion of the Supercharger network to include McDonalds and Hilton Hotels. If that ends up being true, it will be an astounding...
  8. NoMoGas

    Tesla Owners Charging Co-Op? Expand the network TODAY?

    My sincerest apologies if this question or idea has been asked or presented before and I invite the Mod to move this post as they deem appropriate. Much has been said about the range limitations of a MS but it occurred to me if we opened up our HPWC's to other MS owners, we could substantially...
  9. D

    EV charging station photoshoot

    Hello fellow Model S owners, my name is Dominic Speno, I am the owner and operator of the Best Western Villa Del Lago Inn on the I -5 freeway at the entrance to the city of Patterson,Ca where I have installed 6 level 2 chargers for your convenience and use. On Wednesday July 17 at 8:00 am we...
  10. H

    Tent Camping in a Model S

    Has anyone here thought about or even tried tent camping in a Model S? I think there can be three great advantages to doing this: 1) You can charge your car overnight while you are camping, 2) If you use one of those SUV tents, you could pipe in the air conditioning into your tent and 3) If...
  11. A

    What EV Charge Station Memberships are PNW Tesla Owners using?

    Was wondering what EV charge station memberships PNW Tesla Owners are using? Expecting delivery of our Model S in April. Will frequently make trips to/from Bend, OR and various OR coast destinations; and probably quarterly or so to Seattle, WA. Not worried about local charging in PDX w/the...