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charging station

  1. G

    Does anyone stock wall charging stations in SoCal?

    I am in need of a charging station for my house as the bmw one I used took a dump last night. Do you guys know if anyone has the tesla ones in stock? TIA
  2. C

    Electric Vehicle Charging Station installation in Ontario Condos

    Are you looking to have an electric vehicle (EV) charging station installed in your condominium parking space? Let me tell you it is definitely a long process but the result is well worth it! I have created this document to help other people like myself who are keen to have an EV but are not...
  3. TimboSlice

    How to Survive without Home or Work Charging?

    Aloha Everyone, I was informed by Tesla that I will be taking delivery of my new Model 3 next week. I currently live in a condo that does not have a charging station or any outlet that can be publicly used for that matter. I was supposed to be moving into a new home by this time, but...
  4. Xa4Tesl@

    charging your car in Sweden: compatible charging cards?

    Hi, Shout out to all swedish Tesla drivers or anyone with experience of driving their Tesla in Sweden. We will be traveling in South to mid Sweden (up to Lofsdalen, Jämtlands län) this May. Given that there are few SuCs in the area we'll need to charge from public charging stations. I currently...
  5. tonybelding

    The Dealership Charging Network

  6. T

    Porsche's new 350kW EV charging station

    Porsche installs first ultra-fast 350 kW EV charging station
  7. SSD420

    Thornhill Tesla Charging station Yonge & Steeles

    Hey have any of my fellow greater Toronto area and York region, Ontario Tesla owners notice 4 new Tesla wall chargers put in just south of Yonge & Steeles (Yonge and Grandview). They are nearly impossible to miss. There used to a subway sandwiches, discount car rental, convenience store and...
  8. mspohr

    Do I need 400 amp service?

    I'm in a bit of a quandary here and I was hoping to get some advice. I'm building a new detached garage for my Tesla. The plans (approved by the building department and the power company) call for a sub-panel in the garage. The house has 200 amp service with a 200 amp breaker panel. I figure my...
  9. A

    Avoid Blink Charging Stations

    Immediately below is my reply to Blink's response to my November (!) visit further down. Note there is no empathy, admission, or apology for the experience, let alone the overcharging, to which the agent admits. CEO, cc'd on my reply, has yet to respond. Promoting their own at-home charger...
  10. Barryfins

    US government needs a "standard" in EV charging stations

    Someone should write a petition for a standard We the People: Your Voice in Our Government | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government We have a standard for gas connection We have a standard for electrical wall plugs We have a standard for 12v power in cars I can go on and on can some...
  11. C

    Central New Jersey Charging Station plans!! (maybe)

    Hello everyone! The name is Chris and I live in the 'good ol' corrupt state of New Jersey!' Unfortunately, dismayed by the lack of 'progress' towards building charging stations in the area of where I live; I decided to take it upon myself to build my very own charging station for everyone who...
  12. D

    Village of Pinecrest Authorizes Installation of Level 3 DC Fast Charger in SE Florida

    BREAKING NEWS: Village of Pinecrest in SE Florida Becomes First Public Entity to Approve Level 3 DC Fast Charging Station in Florida For the past five months, I've assisted the Village of Pinecrest, in Southeast Florida, with adopting policies and infrastructure that support the widespread...
  13. F

    Any place to charge in Walla Walla?

    I'm planning to drive my MS from Seattle out to Walla Walla first weekend in May. I'll charge up at my place in Ellensburg, or maybe try the new Supercharger there, but will need a full charge while in Walla Walla to make it back. On the recargo map I see the Nissan dealer (which I hear doesn't...
  14. B

    "Zero" means "Zero" - Caution about Vegas to LA trip!

    Dear all, we had a false sense of security after reading this blog as we set off in our 60 kw battery Tesla for our first road trip from LA to Vegas. It appears that issues between Barstow and Vegas are very underrated, plus there is a belief that there is a 20 mile reserve beyond zero. This...
  15. ekwng

    The Estate Mgmt rejected my application to install a charger on my parking space

    Managed by Kai Shing Property Management They said they've no idea on how to manage for more charger request in future. EMSD seems no help. Any idea if I can go for legal action to protect my right? :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Typical Hong Kong nowadays... Less works Less Risks...
  16. harry

    Party on PEI

    September 20-22 – Prince Edward Island is hosting the conclusion of the E-mazing race – a rally/tour of EVs right across Canada. The trek started on the West Coast and will finish in Summerside, PEI. The weekend of September 20-22 will see events celebrating the occasion. There will be a...
  17. M

    Installing an outlet in a condo garage - Toronto

    So I got my condo board to approve installing a plug at my parking spot in the garage. They got a quote for install from Speedy Electric for $5,600 +HST to do the job!!!! Seems a little ridiculous to me. Anyone have any experience doing this? or can recommend a good company that can provide me...
  18. NoMoGas

    Tesla Owners Charging Co-Op? Expand the network TODAY?

    My sincerest apologies if this question or idea has been asked or presented before and I invite the Mod to move this post as they deem appropriate. Much has been said about the range limitations of a MS but it occurred to me if we opened up our HPWC's to other MS owners, we could substantially...
  19. V

    Charging Station Installation

    Hi folks, I just ordered my Model S (85 non-performance) and am extremely excited to get ride of my gas guzzler. As I am waiting for the car to be built I was looking at getting the charging station installed (NEMA 14-50 with 50amp) at my place. I called the SolarCity recommended electrician to...
  20. D

    EV charging station photoshoot

    Hello fellow Model S owners, my name is Dominic Speno, I am the owner and operator of the Best Western Villa Del Lago Inn on the I -5 freeway at the entrance to the city of Patterson,Ca where I have installed 6 level 2 chargers for your convenience and use. On Wednesday July 17 at 8:00 am we...
  21. Robecology

    Great website for planning trips w/Tesla/electric veh.

    EERE: Alternative Fuels Data Center Home Page Posts map; click on links get addresses for charging stations. If you enter route is counts stations available en route. Robecology
  22. D

    Help Me Guide Local Government On Installing Chargers & Creating EV Friendly Policies

    I'm putting out a call for a little bit of help. I'm a Model S owner with a healthy obsession towards EV policy and reading these forums. I have a meeting with the Mayor and City Manager of a nearby suburb in order to assist them in developing plans for an installation of charging stations...