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charging time

  1. mspohr

    Free nighttime electricity in Texas!

    http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/11/09/business/energy-environment/a-texas-utility-offers-a-nighttime-special-free-electricity.html It seems that there is a glut of electricity during the night in Texas due to all of the wind power they generate (and lack of grid connections to other states) so...
  2. A

    Avoid Blink Charging Stations

    Immediately below is my reply to Blink's response to my November (!) visit further down. Note there is no empathy, admission, or apology for the experience, let alone the overcharging, to which the agent admits. CEO, cc'd on my reply, has yet to respond. Promoting their own at-home charger...
  3. Forty Creek

    Cheap Gas vs. Supercharging

    Gas stations in our area have been incredibly busy lately, thanks to cheap fuel prices. People love a bargain at the pumps. I strongly suspect that if you offered most drivers a free fill up in exchange for an extra 15 minute wait time, the line ups would be staggering. Superchargers take a...