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  1. AndyWarrington

    Ovo UK - New EV Charge tariff

    For those using OVO for energy they've released a new EV 'add on' tariff (more of a use then credit product) Info 👉 Introducing Anytime | OVO Energy Works out @ 10pkWh for charging of the car (car charging only) and usual standard rate 34pkWh all other times Pretty much all my charging is at...
  2. O

    Inexpensive Model S cup holder upgrade (pre-April 10 '16)

    Jump to the bottom if you want the tl;dr, I'm posting in case it helps others since it seems like used Model S purchases are happening regularly. Apologies if these particular cup holders have already been posted, I couldn't find them anywhere. Having recently bought a used 2015 with the yacht...
  3. ElectricIAC

    WTB Model X

    Preferred: 100D, P100D AP2 or better. Transferable FUSC. In warranty or at least extended warranty/option to buy. Any exterior color will work but a little more picky with interior: preference is white or black. 6 seat is best but open to 5 and 7. 90D or P90D will be considered also if AP2+...
  4. P

    BMW i3 Owners: i3 mats fit in Model 3

    Car didn’t come with mats so using my i3 mats. Surprisingly they fit in model 3. Rear mats fit fine too. God I miss my i3. Such a great car (except for the range)
  5. B

    CPO 2013 MS 60 $39.8K Good Buy?

    Just put in my deposit today for a MS 60. Currently has 89K miles. It's been equipped with the sound upgrade and tech package. I live in Las Vegas, and after talking to the CPO rep over the phone, I'll be able to go pick up the car in Palmdale, CA in the next few days. The condition of the car...
  6. tanner

    Mint Condition P85 with LOW MILAGE (7,800mi) - $72,000 OBO

    To start, I need to mention that this Model S is in perfect condition, is garage kept, has EXTREMELY low miles, one owner, is treated is if it were my child and is wrapped in FULL-BODY (clear) paint armor, which has preserved its paint perfectly - ONY 7,800 miles - $72,000 OBO - NO lowballs...