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  1. RNHurt

    What do you do if your Tesla is stolen?

    Is there some sort of a checklist? Someone had a checklist for accepting a new Tesla and I thought it might be useful to think about how to handle a theft in the same way. I use my phone as my key and more than once I've thought about someone grabbing my phone (say, at the gym) and driving...
  2. D

    Delivery checklist

    Hi, Does anyone have a good exhaustive checklist of the issues I should be looking out for when I pick up my (first) MY next week? I will be driving a long distance and really hoping that I get lucky with build quality. Apologies as I'm sure this has been asked before -- I tried to use the...
  3. G

    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    I'm coming from an M3, and so I'm used to buying used and heavily depreciated luxury cars, especially ones who are prone to possible expensive repairs; but can also be a dream to drive. I'm looking at getting into a Model S for sub $30k, and in doing my searching have seen a large variety of...
  4. S

    help me assemble a delivery checklist

    Hi folks, I finally got word that my September delivery Model Y will arrive 1st week of November. Time to prepare. I recall reading that several of you avoided discovering a build problem weeks or months into ownership by arriving at the delivery service center with a checklist of items to...
  5. CyberGus

    Cybertruck Pre-Delivery Checklist

    The first CT deliveries are still a long way off, but I thought we would get a head start on the pre-delivery checklist. Here is what I have so far: Check the VIN. Ensure the vehicle was not built at Fremont, or at end-of-quarter. Check the body for paint, ensure there is none. Check the...
  6. J

    99.5% Perfect Delivery - Brooklyn NY

    PUP, 33xxx, Blue on Black, order 6/22, delayed 6/27 (was not in town), picked up 8/7. Car was in 99% perfect condition, just 2 items had to be addressed: 1) Driver's door was ever so slightly not flush with rear door; you could only tell if you compared to passenger side. Delivery advisor...
  7. AKTech.it

    Made a Delivery checklist & Video

    Hey folks! Just picked up my Model Y Perf with the PUP last week - noticed a few issues and made a checklist as a result. let me know what you guys think? Tesla Delivery Checklist Also, here is my walk-through video: Pic attached ;)
  8. Lexikon


    Flink gezocht, niks gevonden in andere threads, dus maar een eigen topic gemaakt :oops: Eindelijk eindelijk eindelijk een VIN in source. Het lange wachten is voorbij. Nu kan het lange wachten op de aflevering beginnen :D Ik heb een M3 bij een lease maatschappij besteld en kreeg vorige week...
  9. P

    New Owner in Hawaii. Any tips?

    Hello Tesla owners! I just put my order in for my Midnight Silver LR Model 3 here in Hawaii. My car is still on a ship heading to Oahu where it will stay for 5 days and then it'll ship out to me on Maui :D So I've been waiting years and years to get a Tesla and I thought that this was the time...
  10. B

    First MOT / Recommendations

    My Model S is due it's first MOT since new, does anyone have any recommendations on the best place to take it for an MOT? I'm a little apprehensive to drop it off at my local MOT test centre!
  11. U


    I have been looking at Teslas for 8 mo’s and am getting ready to order a Model 3 AWD, non FSD. Ordered the wall charger, got an estimate from a trusted electrical company that does commercial and residential and has installed public chargers at local stores. Our breaker panel is full, so they...
  12. K

    delivery checklist

    Hi fellow M3'ers - I am about to take the delivery in about 10 days and wanted to see if there is a list of things to check when taking the delivery. Also is it any better to take the delivery at the service center or at home ? thanks
  13. W

    3 Days Rule - Tesla QA not doing their job

    I have owned a Model S and a Model X, and I can share that my experiences have been vastly different so far. My Model S experience (started Nov 2015 in Southern California) was amazing. My Model X experience (December 2018 in Boston Area) has been horrific. I am only going to talk about one...
  14. Warm

    Hulp bij beoordeling van technische staat van occasie Model S

    Dag allemaal. Aangezien mijn budget me geen door Tesla aangeboden occasion toelaat (laat staan een nieuwe), heb ik het voorbije jaar regelmatig tweedehands sites in de gaten gehouden. De vraagprijzen van particuliere verkopers komen steeds meer in de buurt van het mogelijke. Ondanks ik redelijk...
  15. seenhear

    Delivery tonight: inventory S75, tips/advice/checklist?

    We finally made the jump and ordered an inventory S75 Friday, just in time for the 0.99% financing. The car has been sitting at Fremont for at least a couple weeks, and will (hopefully) get delivered to our home this evening. While it's kind of nice to have it delivered directly to our home...
  16. FarmerDave

    Model X Delivery Checklist

    I will receive my Signature Model X next week and wanted to prepare for the delivery process, so I created the attached checklist based on Nick Howe's Model S list. I know there are probably errors and omissions in the list, so please help improve it.