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chevy volt

  1. Tslgrl

    Model Y test-drive experience (not a current Tesla owner)

    Considering buying a Model Y and Tesla were kind enough to provide us with an overnight test drive. Some thoughts feelings but some disclosure first: - I am a 'young-ish middle aged' woman (been driving for over 25 years, will leave it at that) - I don't currently own a Tesla - I do own a...
  2. D

    2017 Chevy Volt Premier - 43k miles - $18K

    Selling my 2017 Chevy Volt to take on a 2018 Model X. About 42,000 miles currently. Window sticker attached for all the details. Also Screenshots of CarFax (through dealership incentive so was only able to do screenshots instead of printing the report to PDF). More pictures of the car to come...
  3. J

    Did Chevy come out with a new battery?

    Did Chevy Volt get a secretly new 120 kWh battery? :p Hahaha.
  4. vfx

    GM Chevy Volt

    Video walk through of the Volt. (she says "intuitive" a lot. A visual tour of the GM Volt, electric cars | Green Tech - CNET News There is a bit of other EV news. Interesting that it has a 400 lb battery but only goes 40 miles compared to a 900 lb Roadster bat goes 200 miles.