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  1. Xenoilphobe

    Tesla Cybertruck vs The Competition (Ram 1500, F-150, Silverado 1500 and Tacoma)

    Tesla Cybertruck vs The Competition (Ram 1500, F-150, Silverado 1500 and Tacoma)
  2. T

    Any Volt to Model 3 Experiences?

    Was curious if there were any Gen 2 Volt owners that went to the Model 3. If so what were the pros, cons, driving differences? Currently drive a 2016 Volt LT and will mostly miss the regen paddle if I move to another EV vehicle. Recently saw the vehicle in person in the meatpacking district in...
  3. selfbp

    Tesla, you broke my racecar

    Being silly me, loving the instant torque and reliability of the Model S platform, I drove my Camaro real good and hard yesterday for the first time since my Model S delivery, and after being spoiled by the Tesla bullet proof life, I wanted to do a clutch dump and shredded my differential on my...
  4. MSEV

    Chevy Bolt a "Commuter Car?" Not Available Until April? Help!

    I have looked a bit to find information about taking a Bolt on the road and not been successful at finding it. I have looked at comparisons between the Model 3 and the Bolt. I even called the dealer. I wanted to know: How do I drive a Bolt to Colorado, 500 miles away? So I called and asked...
  5. Jay Hawk

    1955 Chevy (NE Kansas)

    I have over a decade into this 1955 Chevy. It has a big block, it has many features but close to stock as can be other than the engine upgrade. Registered in Kansas. Custom interior was done in red/white. There isn't an AC/heater radio. Automatic. Couple pictures from last year attached. It...
  6. FredTMC

    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    WSJ is reporting tonight... To be revealed Monday at NAIAS. WSJ: GM to release the $30,000 Chevy Bolt electric vehicle in 2017 finally, the auto industry will produce a competitor to tesla and Model 3!