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circuit breaker

  1. J

    Gen 2 wallconnector stopped working, need help fixing it.

    The following thing happend to this gen 2 wallconnector. - It was working fine untill two weeks ago. Around that time when you would plug in the charger into the car (m3 and mx) it would trip the breaker. - I got a 3 phase 25amps, 240v. So I fully readed the manual and i tried differend thing...
  2. terraform

    Breaker Fuse Blew with Mobile Charger

    Was charging my MY Long Range at my sisters house over the holidays. On the last day I used my mobile charger using the 14-30 adapter, and plugged into her dryer outlet. Everything seemed fine and it began charging right away. To be sure, i checked the app and it Har automatically adjusted the...
  3. H

    Can my house handle a charging station?

    I know next to nothing about electricity, panels, circuits, and etc. I have taken pics of the panels I have in my house. The main panel is too far away from the driveway (where I want to install a wall charger or an outlet that I can use with a nema 14-50 adaptor.) the sun panel (I think that’s...
  4. M

    Installing Wall Connector is better than NEMA 14-50

    I bought a new Model Y recently and was planning to install NEMA 14-50 Receptacle for the Mobile charger. I saw many posts and youtube videos regarding this. Now, it looks like a wall connector is the best option to install. For Installing NEMA Outlet for Mobile Charger - I have to buy NEMA...
  5. UltralightBeam

    Will the Performance+ Model 3 need a higher amp circuit breaker?

    Noticed the chart over at Model S/X/3 Wall Connector And saw that as you increase the 'performance' of the model 3, you go from 40 to 60 amps for the circuit breaker. Do you think that the performance model 3s would have a 90 amp breaker recommended?