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  1. A

    No off-street parking - is my home-charging solution a bad idea?

    I've ordered my first Tesla (MY) and in preparation for its delivery I'm debating on whether or not this charging solution I have in my mind is... just crazy or actually feasible? We're lucky enough to only live 1.5 miles away from a bank of gen 3 super chargers set to go live any week now so...
  2. S

    What can a city do to help EV owners?

    I live in Jersey City, NJ and have the ear of the Office of Sustainability. They have asked me for recommendations. So what has worked in other cities? Examples I can think of: Allow people with electric cars to have a dedicated parking spot in front of their home so that they can run an...
  3. fasteddie7

    Soon to be new owner ?: Experiences with leaving car unattended

    Hi Everyone! I live in a happy little community but I have a little concern with places I travel. I spend a lot of time in parking lots of malls and big cities. Are there any best practices for leaving the car unattended for hours at a time in parking lots or am I over thinking it and not...
  4. M

    Hotel Charging Directory

    AZ, Tucson, La Paloma Resort. There are two 30amp Tesla-branded chargers at this resort. The valet staff reports that they were installed by Tesla and the stalls have Tesla signage. On the forum, there are plenty of requests for information about charging locations at hotels, but I haven't...