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  1. P

    Buying a used Tesla and I have concerns.

    So I made an order for a Tesla model y long range 2021 seemed like a good deal with the price… but you know teslas horrible policy of not seeing the car until you get to delivery day. So I went yesterday and if they would have shown pictures I would have never reserved this car lol. I’m trying...
  2. RNHurt

    ScreenKlean is great for the display!

    I was gifted a couple of ScreenKlean units several months ago and I didn't really think much of it. However, it turns out that they can be used to clean the center display without enabling "Cleaning" mode. Just pop off the top and start cleaning! I'm guessing the pad is so wide that it...
  3. tommyb39

    Tesla Service Cleaning White Seats

    I have had issues with my white seats after less than a year of ownership on my Model Y. Noticing quite a bit of jean/sweatpants transfer. I have tried interior detailing sprays, baby wipes, warm water, etc with no luck. I ended up scheduling a service appt with tesla to see if they can clear...
  4. TaIIgeese

    MO - Columbia Asking For Product Feedback

    The annoyance of trying to clean your windshield while on the go has motivated my wife and I to put together a travel cleaning kit. I'm looking for some hands on feedback of the current load out. We can meet at either the local superchargers here in COMO and you can take it for a spin. It...
  5. K

    Waterless wash for glass roof?

    I just received my model 3 and have a cleaning question… live in an apartment complex that doesn’t allow car washing on site so I’m using waterless car wash spray on the exterior to remove dust, but I’m not sure what to use on the glass roof? Do I use glass cleaner? Is there something special I...
  6. Leejmoff

    Tell me your cleaning advice please.

    Hi all, I'm hoping to receive delivery of my new M3 at the beginning of December....woohoo ! I'm not a geek for cleaning, but would like to step it up a bit for Tessie, so I'm just wondering if you guys can give me some advice on what is the best and easiest way to keep her clean. I've seen...
  7. F

    Recommendations for mobile car cleaning service SW London

    Normally clean my car myself but after 2 years it could do with a good clean inside and maybe outside too. Looking for recommendations for companies that come to your home and clean it there please.
  8. TydalForce

    Cleaning Off Dead Insects

    Ah I tried searching to see if this was discussed before, but "bugs" brings up a lot of "software bugs", and "insects" also returns results for "bugs"... I have a large graveyard of bugs splattered across the front of my Model 3, many from a recent cross-country road trip. I ran through the...
  9. kishkaru

    Impossible to Remove Stain/Mark on White Seats

    I got my Model Y with white seats just over a month ago. Somehow I was able to stain/mark the front passenger seat with something. From the color, it looks like it could be dye from jeans but not certain. I did not put anything other than passengers on the front seat, so it should not be from...
  10. Jimt29

    Cleaning The Model Y

    With out a doubt the Model Y is the easiest car I've ever owned to clean the interior. Except for its size the same goes for the exterior. Every time I clean it I appreciate its simplicity of detail and everything is easy to get to and clean. That and the driving experience has made me a fan.
  11. webbah

    Scratched glass. Going to attempt repair, any tips welcome!

    Recently I discovered micro scratches on literally every glass window in my car. I can only assume that a detailer made a mistake and used an abrasive or dirty towel/sponge when cleaning at some point, but only noticed recently when driving with the sun going down. I'm pretty bummed about it. I...
  12. R

    Cleaning white interior

    Does anyone have any recommendations for cleaning the white interior. I have a puppy who has managed to get slobber everywhere and I see some blue streaks too that I need to remove. First Tesla and would love some advice!
  13. J

    Disinfecting wipes?

    Hi guys, Just took delivery of my new M3P yesterday. I have to give Tesla credit, we did a completely hands off delivery. Paperwork was sent digitally, and the car was dropped off by a tow truck. We have an immune-compromised child, so we are on hyper alert with everything going on. COVID-19...
  14. Xambler

    Cleaning Model 3 Glass

    The first time I washed my model 3 I noticed the glass seemed to grow streaks within hours of careful cleaning. Thinking this was just some initial film or manufacturing contaminant on the windows I just kept wiping them down every day or so. Was odd because it was garaged when not in use...
  15. 0

    How to remove the odor / mold smell from your AC

    In response to "Lanzer's" post on fixing your AC Smell, I want to show people how to fix their Tesla themselves from a video I made. It seems that some Service Centers cover it under warranty and some do not. I did not want to pay $200 dollars and asked the service center questions on how to do...
  16. GolanB

    Keeping Model 3 clean in hard-to reach places

    In a video from earlier this month, @DirtyT3sla posted about his experience cleaning out dirt accumulation that formed above his aero shield in the rear of the Model 3. In his case, he removed about 15lbs of dirt (buildup from a year worth of driving across 6 miles of dirt roads a day) - and in...
  17. Lanzer

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    After a year of owning the Tesla Model 3, the car is starting to build the smell of mildew when the AC turns on. The smell goes away after a few minutes, and lucky for my fiancé, she can't smell it, but I can't get over dealing with the smell on a daily basis. The Tesla service center deemed...
  18. C

    Mode 3 Car Wash in Daly City CA

    Guys I just moved to Daly City, CA for school and I don’t know where to take my model 3 for a good but not expensive (~$20) car wash. Anyone have any recommendations? I’m open to driving a few miles if I have to.
  19. E

    Suncream Stains on Model 3 Seats

    Unbeknownst to me, a friend wore Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch sunscreen, an 85+ helloplex broad spectrum uva-uvb while a passenger in my Model 3 last Thursday. He wore a tee and shorts and so the lotion was transferred to all surfaces of the black seats and arm rests, leaving white stains on...
  20. Bebop

    Bug Cleaning Help!

    It's summertime (My first with this car) and that means loads of dead flies on the front of the car from driving. Super annoying to clean as I'm having to really rub hard to get residue off the front. Can anyone recommend me a product that would help with this more easily? Is there such a...
  21. fasteddie7

    OMG the bugs!

    I needed to take a four hour road trip from PA to Ohio. Upon arriving and looking at the front of my white model s, I now feel like there are extinct insect species as they are now on the front of my car. Anyone who has experience, are chemical bug and tar removers safe on the sensors up there...
  22. B

    Dirty Windshield

    I took my first 550 mile road trip the other day. One of the most noticeable things is without regular gas station stops to clean the windshield it gets pretty dirty/buggy. It would be much worse on a longer trip. What do people do? Carry Windex and paper towels with them? Ron
  23. B

    Cleaning Help - Debris under carpet

    Hey All, I just purchased a used Model S. BEST CAR EVER! The previous owner spilled some soak beads to clean up a spill. He dumped all the soak beads out and thought he cleaned them up but it turns out a bunch of them got UNDER the carpet, in between the carpet and the battery. Now when i...
  24. tanner

    Windshield Cleaning PAINS?!

    Okay, the thing that annoys me the most is a dirty windshield. I made the mistake of trying to use the same glass cleaner and a (clean) microfiber that I use on the outside, now I can't get this disgusting film off the inside! How do you guys clean the inner windshield? Thanks!
  25. S

    California: Car wash in Los Altos / Palo Alto / Mountain View

    Hi Folks, I saw a couple of related threads on this, but nothing exact. The subject says it all: I would love to find a Tesla-friendly place to get my car washed. I'm open to anything (is there an app for that?). I don't think I'd trust the place where I take my other cars as those narrow wheel...