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clicking noise

  1. T

    I lost to Tesla in Arbitration

    I bought the 2023 model 3 in California last July after the agents told me the new version is not going to be out for years. Since the beginning I noticed a vibration clicking ticking noise coming from the driver door area. I took the car to repair 8 times which didn’t solve anything, submitted...
  2. tommybahamaX

    Clicking sound when turning wheel...

    Hi, I have a 3/23 Model S, about 9K miles on it. Lately whenever i am backing out of my driveway and i turn the wheel to the far left or right, it makes this annoying clicking sound, it "feels" fine, just makes a sound, i don't know if its something to ignore or if maybe something is wrong...
  3. D

    Clicking sound from rear when accelerating or regen decelerating

    I've noticed in the last several months that my 2013 Tesla Model S 60 is making metallic a single click sound from the rear of the car whenever transitioning from acceleration to deceleration or vice verse. It was most noticeable when starting from a stop during the initial acceleration and the...
  4. John Lim

    Model Y Clicking/Ticking Interior Noise?

    Hi, I am noticing that around 50% of the time, there's this strange clicking/ticking noise in my 2023 model Y. It sounds like it's coming from either the roof or the back seat somewhere? I've attached a video here as reference. Does anyone know what the cause of this noise might be? How can I...
  5. C

    2020 MYP Clicking Noise When Turning

    I know there are a bazillion posts of people questioning what their Tesla click/noise could be, but I’d like to add mine and see if any detectives can help! I’ve already taken it to the service center 3 times and it hasn’t been fixed. It’s also a 5 hour round trip to the service center and back...
  6. R

    Clicking noise at low speed when the steering wheel turned right

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vWNKQVIWPJhjMQcoIzgD5PiIseIGjgoT/view?usp=drivesdk I hear a clicking noise like this whenever I move the wheel to the right at a really low speed
  7. J

    Clicking coming from my driver's side suspension when regen braking at slow speeds. Service appt scheduled, but would love your input!

    Hi all! This is my first post in the forums. In love with my '22 Model 3 LR, but have been experiencing this strange click/pop noise when regen braking under certain circumstances. This noise mostly occurs when the car is cold from the temperature outside or from not driving for a while. While...
  8. A

    M3P Clicking/Tapping Noise from 17mph and Above. Front Drivers Side.

    Hi I've now had my M3P for 2 weeks and only 600 miles on the clock. I have noticed a very faint fast tapping/clicking noise that appears once you hit 17mph and above. The noise is constant and does not get louder or quicker when increasing the speed, it just stays the same and gets drowned...
  9. M

    Weird buzzing noise when above 40mph

    When I drive over 40mph, my new (purchased in Dec 2021) M3LR, make a weird bussing noise. I have deduced the following: - It is not wind noise. It is almost like a very rapid ticking/bussing noise. - It does not coincide with the HVAC system. The sound still happens even when the air...
  10. glusc2002

    Help identify acceleration clicking noise

    I have a 2019 MX with 25,000 miles. For the last 3000 miles I have been hearing a rapid clicking noise from the front under carriage when only apply torque acceleration forward from 45mph to 65mph where then the road noise starts to drown it out. The noise can also be heard and slightly felt...
  11. M

    Rear Axle Click: Ultimate DIY Fix

    All, I've been looking on here for sometime now but this would be my first contribution. Thank you all for providing such useful content. I hope this helps others. Anywho.... I've had the rear clicking since I purchased my used Model 3 (sleeper performance model). With the windows open, it is...
  12. S

    Clicking sound coming from climate system fan

    I actually started noticing this last year around this time but it mostly went away during the summer months because the fan speeds were usually much higher. It's a high pitch, high frequency, "clicking" sound coming from the climate system. It's not a very loud sound, but very noticeable at fan...
  13. K

    Suspension clicking noise while parked?

    I got my brand new 2020 Model X mid-August, everything was great until I got it wrapped and the tech told me that my car is making a weird clicking noise while parked. Send the video to my Tesla rep and the tech told me to monitor the noise and let them know if anything else happened. (as if...
  14. S

    AC blowing very hot air and loud noises

    Hey guys! First time posting. I have a 2019 Model X a few weeks ago and I love it! However yesterday I noticed the car’s AC wasn’t working correctly, it was only getting cold once it got to 45 mph or highway driving. Thought could be a software glitch so I reset with the steering wheel and...
  15. O

    Clicking noise when accelerating

    Anyone else have this issue. Started happening a week ago and it doesn't seem to go away. It's coming from the driver side it seems.
  16. F

    Model 3 clicking sound near the rear wheel area

    Does anyone here a clicking sounds near the rear wheel area when accelerating or decelerating? It's not a constant clicking sound, but I do it a click when accelerating or decelerating. I heard it while driving with my windows down in a quiet neighborhood. I booked a service appointment to...
  17. paranoidroid

    Clicking sound under left side of dash with air conditioning on.

    I hear a sporadic clicking sound coming from the left side of my dash with the AC on. Here's a video. In the beginning you hear some quiet clicks but 8 seconds in you hear the sporadic louder click that repeats every 5-10s or so. After the car is driven for a bit I don't hear it much. Anyone...