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clicking sound

  1. tommybahamaX

    Clicking sound when turning wheel...

    Hi, I have a 3/23 Model S, about 9K miles on it. Lately whenever i am backing out of my driveway and i turn the wheel to the far left or right, it makes this annoying clicking sound, it "feels" fine, just makes a sound, i don't know if its something to ignore or if maybe something is wrong...
  2. D

    Clicking sound from rear when accelerating or regen decelerating

    I've noticed in the last several months that my 2013 Tesla Model S 60 is making metallic a single click sound from the rear of the car whenever transitioning from acceleration to deceleration or vice verse. It was most noticeable when starting from a stop during the initial acceleration and the...
  3. T

    Model 3 LR (right hand drive) - Clicking/Popping passenger side.

    Has anyone experienced their car making this clicking/popping sound (see video). My car does it for the first 5 or 10 mins of driving after the car has been parked for a few hours. I suspect that it is coming from the speakers on the front passenger side but I'm not sure. I've made an...
  4. N

    2022 Model 3 LR making clicking noises all night

    I’ve noticed in the past when I open up my Tesla app on my phone, my M3LR makes a somewhat loud thud or clicking sound once (when the vehicle is waking up). Last night I noticed (the car is parked right outside my bedroom) that my Tesla was making that same noise every few minutes all night...
  5. yessuz

    Accelerator "clicking" sound when releasing after auto hold?

    anyone else got this strange thing? When starting to drive,, especially in the morning, for first few minutes I get this strange behaviour: when car is stopped, auto hold is enabled. then, once pressed accelerator, there is a click sound coming from the pedal. it usually disappears after few...
  6. N

    Offside rear click on acceleration/deceleration transition

    Guys, Driving about with the window open today I noticed almost every time I transitioned between acceleration and deceleration (either way) I got a click from the right rear. Do others notice the same/is it normal or a problem brewing? Thanks
  7. TydalForce

    Accelerator relay clicking?

    Since the weather has been nice, I've been driving with the windows down and I'm hearing a prominent "click" when I press or release the accelerator. I'm guessing it's a power relay to the motor? Directly tied to pressing and releasing the pedal. It's not a continuous click-click-click, just...
  8. MatildaModelY

    Single click/knock noise when accelerating or slowing to a stop - MYP

    I have a brand new MYP, and ever since pick up, I've noticed that when accelerating even just very lightly to say, 10mph, there will be a small short clicking noise coming from what sounds like the driver's side rear axle. When I slow down to a stop, it also seems to be triggered. It's quite...
  9. M

    Rear Axle Click: Ultimate DIY Fix

    All, I've been looking on here for sometime now but this would be my first contribution. Thank you all for providing such useful content. I hope this helps others. Anywho.... I've had the rear clicking since I purchased my used Model 3 (sleeper performance model). With the windows open, it is...
  10. H

    Accelerating and decelerating thud noise

    Hey forum, Anyone experiencing an accelerating and decelerating thud noise? It's really apparent when from a stopped position, you press the gas and the car lurches forward. It sounds like something is shifting back and then shifting forward. The sound is coming from the back of the car and I...
  11. F

    Model 3 clicking sound near the rear wheel area

    Does anyone here a clicking sounds near the rear wheel area when accelerating or decelerating? It's not a constant clicking sound, but I do it a click when accelerating or decelerating. I heard it while driving with my windows down in a quiet neighborhood. I booked a service appointment to...