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climate control

  1. S

    Climate control issues

    2023 MYLR The climate control thinks the temperature inside the cabin is 70 when it’s actually 75-76 See the YouTube video link at the end. Has anyone had similar problem?
  2. Tezzie


    I hadn’t turned this on since I read that it degrades battery life, but today my car interior went up to 127°. I expect with the upcoming hotter summers this will likely happen more often, so I wondered if I should turn it back on? I want to keep the electronics from getting damaged from the...
  3. T

    Trunk Squeak, Climate Auto, and Coolant pump(?) problems on 2017 Model S

    I've been noticing a few issues with my Model S 90D for the past few weeks. Wondering what/if there is a fix for them: When I open/close the trunk there is a loud squeaking sound coming from the passenger side power hatch lift support bar. Is this something that I can fix with WD-40 or some...
  4. S

    Crazy: windshield replacement -> bricks climate system -> bricks right front passenger door handle

    Posting this story because it is a case of surreal Tesla engineering that just defies imagination. At end of January I woke up to my 2021 LR Model S with an end to end horizontal crack in my windshield that seemingly came out of nowhere while sitting overnight in a driveway in Stowe VT. Low...
  5. johnny_cakes

    A/C comes on when sitting in the car with everything turned off

    I'm a new owner of a 2019 Model 3 and I encountered a strange A/C behavior yesterday. My wife was driving and I was in the passenger seat. She parked the car and went into a business meeting while I worked on my laptop in the passenger seat. Outside temperature was 9C (48F) while cabin...
  6. F

    Auto = Awful, a Climate Complant

    When I purchased my M3 two years ago, the climate controls were the bee's knees. Being able to start both heating and cooling from the phone and having the interior temperature heat or cool so quickly meant never getting into an oven or icebox again. Fast-forward two years and it's all hogwash...
  7. V

    Climate (lack of) control

    We've had our MY for just over 2 months and have gone on several road trips already. Love the vehicle, but haven't been able to figure out the climate control. It seems like the rear passenger was rarely comfortable, often super cold. Many times, the vents were not blowing air, regardless if...
  8. R

    Warming Cabin

    My area doesn’t have snowfall or get extremely cold but I would love to get in and all windows be defrosted and the cabin be warm. I tried using precondition setting in the app but it seems to make the climate the same you last used so often it’s blowing the air when I get in. I know I can do...
  9. D

    Climate Control Screen

    Is there a way to view the climate control screen without air/heat actually turning on? If I wanted to turn on the heated seats or steering wheel without turning on vents, without using a voice command or pinning those buttons to the home screen, is there a way to do that?
  10. B

    Climate Control Nightmare!

    Hi all My Climate Control has gone AWOL. Was blowing cold air no matter what the temp was set to, even on full blast heat! Went into the SC for 2 days, sensor change out apparently. Few days after that, we’re back to cold/tepid air at best. I’ve literally just set it to 26 degrees there and...
  11. B

    Climate Control Pointless!

    Hi all My Climate Control has gone AWOL. Was blowing cold air no matter what the temp was set to, even on full blast heat! Went into the SC for 2 days, sensor change out apparently. Few days after that, we’re back to cold/tepid air at best. I’ve literally just set it to 26 degrees there and...
  12. J

    Vcfront_a447 Cabin controls issue

    I drove to supercharger station this am, it was around 48 deg F. Once there, smoke started coming out of the front of the vehicle. I turned everything off and waited. The smoke stopped, however I received a notice in regards to the cabin climate control system. I charged the vehicle without...
  13. Y

    2021 Model S LR 1-month Observations and Issues

    I've been living with my 2021 S LR for about a month now. I absolutely love this car, and wanted to start writing about my experiences good and bad, including several issues I've observed for which there may hopefully be a resolution, as well as adding another data point to many of the ongoing...
  14. I

    App climate control bugs

    I have iOS app version 4.3.0. There are two bugs that I’ve noticed…one visual and one functional. The visual bug: when I turn on climate control manually it initially shows the vents blowing air but then after a few seconds will switch to showing front and back windows defrosting and no more...
  15. C

    A/C and AUTO not working together

    Hey everyone, recently i realized my climate is always in “MANUAL” and i usually have it on AUTO A/C but whenever i try to turn on A/C with AUTO already on, it will turn the AUTO off. Then when i turn in AUTO when A/C is on, it’ll turn A/C off. So essentially i can’t use the AUTO function with...
  16. C

    Location based climate control?

    Sometimes the set temperature changes automatically when returning home and pulling into my driveway. I think it has happened on both auto and manual HVAC modes. I know that mirrors and suspension height can be location sensitive, but I didn’t think that climate control was. Also, while changing...
  17. I

    Heated steering wheel on app?

    Maybe I’m blind. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to activate the heated steering wheel from the app. I have seen pics of other models’ apps (older versions?) which show a clickable icon on the steering wheel but I don’t see that on my 2021 M3LR. Before anybody asks, yes I definitely...
  18. P

    Model Y Climate Questions

    I don't have a lot of data points on this, but I wanted to get some thoughts on how to do this better. Case 1: I went inside to pick up some food, my wife stayed in the car with climate control on. It worked fine. When I returned to the car, there was no longer any air coming out of the back...
  19. A

    Anyone else wish this?

    So I’ve had my beloved Model 3 with white interior and keep wishing one of the updates pushed out an interior view update within the phone’s climate control setting. It has always showed the black interior and wish it would reflect the interior I have. Does anyone else wish this as well?
  20. B

    Need for companion mode?

    Is there an option to keep the music and climate control, etc. going when I exit the car? Occasionally, my wife will stay in the car when I go into a business to grab something, and as soon as I exit and close the door, the sound system cuts out, the AC cuts off, and the doors lock a few...
  21. I

    Direct Airflow up Vs Defrost

    I just got my Model 3 and I noticed in the climate control settings there's 3 options for where to direct the airflow: face, feet, or up. What is the difference between direct airflow up and the defrost button (blue mode, not red)?
  22. S

    How long is too long to leave heat running while charging?

    I live in Canada where average morning temps will be - 30 for about a month soon. Started using Teslafi, cool program, I can set my car to start heating up at 6:30, it uses a bit of battery and by 7:15 (in - 5, haven't tested - 30 yet) the car is warm and fully charged. Does anyone know how...
  23. BZM3

    HVAC on a timer

    Hey TMC! Since I, like I'm sure many others, leave home and drive home at basically the same time each day, is there a way I can set a timer to automatically turn on the heating/cooling of the car? If not I think this could be a great future update. For example, each day Monday through Friday...
  24. M

    Ventilation without the heater in cooler weather?

    Model 3 has a button to turn off the AC but unlike most other cars, it has nothing to prevent the heater from activating. Here on the Central Coast of California, it is quite cool in the mornings and evenings and unless I manually set the temperature way down until I hear the fan and heat go...
  25. Gwgan

    Sensors, service alerts, and air conditioning

    Is there a sensor for the air conditioning refrigerant? It seems Tesla has more system sensors than other cars and now relies on those to schedule service without routine checks. After tire air pressure and washer fluid level the chiller capacity may be the next most frequent service, followed...
  26. A

    A/C comes on while in garage randomly despite car is off,Dog Mode off

    Randomly,I'll enter my garage and hear my model S making a noise similar to the sound that the A/C makes.when I check the Tesla app (climate )I see the A/C is running. this occurs randomly and can be many hours after parking. Dog mode is off and I've even turned off cabin overheat and it still...
  27. T

    HVAC Heating or Cooling

    Is there an easy way to tell if the HVAC system is heating or cooling? You can tell from the app by the color of the airflow arrows (red vs. blue), but I cannot see any way to tell from the screen inside the car. This may seem like an obvious thing but at moderate temperatures, it is not...
  28. P

    Climate Control Turning On by Itself

    I recently had my Model S serviced and shortly after I noticed some phantom battery drain even with the vehicle plugged in. Drain that I haven’t experienced previously. I’m on the most recent software and I don’t think the service center made any changes. I did some investigating and found that...
  29. SDRick

    Heater On Indicator

    Is there any way to tell if the heater (or air conditioner) is actually on and using power. Often, the ambient outside air temperature is sufficient to heat or cool the cabin with fan only without using additional battery to do so. It may be a silly question but how does one tell?
  30. B

    Model X HVAC poor defrost /defog function-Normal or Malfunction?

    I live in NE Ohio where the heater/deicing is used a lot. On my Model X I have always had to manually turn on the defog function and have to continually play with it in fogging/icing conditions. I got a Model S loaner that the defogging worked great. See the 2 screenshots. With the climate...
  31. B

    Activate the rear window defroster from app

    Is there a way to activate the rear window defroster using the Tesla app? I thought that I read somewhere that turning the heat to high would do this but when I tried doing so the other day before leaving work, I arrived to my car to find that the defroster was not on and it did not appear like...
  32. K

    Default setting for Heated Seats on Mobile Climate page

    Does anyone know how to set the default heated seat setting when turning on the Climate settings in mobile? It keeps my temp value (21.0 C) but all 5 heated seats are always set to MEDIUM. I have to tap 4 seats TWICE to shut them all off since most of the time I only want the driver seat on. Thanks
  33. Minecon_CA

    No more "Auto" setting for each section of climate control in version 9?

    Is there a way to have the "Auto" setting for each section of climate control like in version 8 instead of Auto all?
  34. M

    Climate Control Enigma

    Many M3 owners have high praise for the climate control system. “Set it and forget it” simplicity. Always seems to know the right settings. Except in M3. I set it —always to center vents and auto fan—and it forgets my settings. It defaults to the bottom vents on auto when I restart. I...
  35. SageBrush

    Fan Only: Peculiarities of the Model 3

    I'd like to spell out a couple different uses of fan only and implementation details. I'll need help on most of it and will try to update this OP with a moderator's help when it is well flushed out. 1. The easy one is fan only while driving. This just requires that Auto and AC be greyed out in...
  36. jat255

    Buzzing/Vibration with climate system?

    Just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this or if it's normal. The past couple of days, I've noticed a buzzing or vibrating feeling in the footwell and the steering wheel that is definitely related to the climate system (it goes away if I turn everything off). You can hear it audibly...
  37. T

    climate turning on (I'm not in car) - we did not initiate

    GREETINGS! (first post - I did do a quick scan with search function.) I am using a beta version of Stats (iOS maadotaa / QuickTesla) and I have the push notifications to alert me if/when the Climate turns on and I'm not in the car. A few times over the past week (I've been beta testing since...
  38. M

    Front and Rear Defroster during remote app climate control

    Does anyone know if the front and rear defroster will come on in the winter if you turn on interior heating from the App? Would love to be able to start melting the snow and ice while still in the house..
  39. T

    Can you use voice to change audio stations?

    Or turn on or off climate control?
  40. tanner

    Model 3's Best Feature is often Overlooked: Dynamic Directional Airflow

    I just wanted to take a second to really address the re-designed airflow/HVAC system in the Model 3 and share my thoughts on what seems to simply be of a point of interest for most rather than recognized for what it truly is: a marvel of ingenuity and design. The climate control in the Model 3...
  41. David29

    Pretty happy in the Nor'easter

    We are having a major Northeast storm here in the Boston area today, and I had occasion to drive about 30 miles in the heavy rain and wind. Air temperature was about 40F, winds are in the 25-35 mph range, rain is intermittently quite heavy. I have had my Model S 2-1/2 years, so I have driven...
  42. N

    Suggested User Interface Change - Climate Control

    My suggestion to improve the climate control interface - add the heated steering wheel and heated front windshield controls as shown below (red arrows) so they are easily accessible without having to drill down into submenus: There is room and I think the added function would far out weigh...
  43. aikisteve

    Real "camper mode" vs old camper mode

    Hi guys, Made another video, but this time about the new camper mode and how it differs from the old one (which still has its use cases, it seems). Enjoy!
  44. GasKilla

    Can't use remote climate control when battery is below 20%

    I wanted to cool down my car before I got in (as you can see the interior was 99°) but the app wouldn't allow me to. I had plenty of charge to get home but wanted to cool things down for the little one. He refused to get in and asked for the A/C immediately. I'd love to have an override for this...
  45. X

    HVAC fan always running at level 6 even if target temperature is reached. Normal?

    New owner (2 weeks), AP2 hardware. When I set (reset) the hvac settings to auto, the fan goes to speed level 6 and stays there even if the interior temperature is reached (I check the interior temperature using the mobile app). As a result the temperature continues to go up. I would expect...
  46. T

    Winter Driving Recommendations (Range Specific)

    Hi Folks, I am stoked to have recently placed the order for my new 75D (EAP, PUP, SAS). I cannot describe the excitement!!! As owning a Tesla can be quite the paradigm shift from all that we are used to, one of the things that has me most concerned is driving range during winters. My wife LOVES...
  47. jwwilsonmd

    DIY Tent Air Conditioning

    I just got back from Symbiosis Gathering, a music festival in the middle of hot California. We danced until late in the night and slept in until well after sunrise. If you've ever done this, you know how hot your tent can get once the sun comes up, even in shade. Well, problem solved with the...