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  1. S

    Touchscreen Heater Button won't go off

    Hi just wondering if anyone has the following issue? My 2021 Model 3 has no problems when the touchscreen heater / max button is pressed, but it will not go off and I need to shut off the full climate system to reset it. This only appeared last month or so and not sure if its software related...
  2. CXCRaffle

    Not Available Win an EV of Your Choice, Taxes Paid

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Win an EV of Your Choice, Taxes Paid. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Win an EV of Your Choice, Taxes Paid

    For sale Win an EV of Your Choice, Taxes Paid

    For eight years, Climate XChange, a 501(c)3 non-profit, has supported its climate mission by raffling off a fully customizable luxury electric vehicle. This year we’re offering expanded car options for our Grand Prize, and adding an early bird prize of $10,000 for tickets purchased by 11:59pm...
  4. S

    Climate control issues

    2023 MYLR The climate control thinks the temperature inside the cabin is 70 when it’s actually 75-76 See the YouTube video link at the end. Has anyone had similar problem?
  5. Tezzie

    Cabin overheat protection

    I hadn’t turned this on since I read that it degrades battery life, but today my car interior went up to 127°. I expect with the upcoming hotter summers this will likely happen more often, so I wondered if I should turn it back on? I want to keep the electronics from getting damaged from the...
  6. M

    New MYP: heatpump resonance when climate over 19 degress celsius

    Got my new MYP some weeks back. When I turn on the heat in the cabin (does not matter if AC is on/off) there will be a quite some noise from the heatpump. It sounds like som resonance (or humming) inside the car. Specially when the car is at a still it is annoying and sounds like a fossil car...
  7. L

    3 Days after Delivery: VCFRONT a447 Error

    Was reading previous threads about VCFRONT climate errors and most have occurred in cold climates. That's not the case here as temps have been in the 50's (F). Have had the car for a whole 3 days. Already submitted for a service appointment for an interior trim issue and just realized the app...
  8. firerock

    Tesla Model Y Dog Mode...Almost Killed My Dog

    Long story short, my car has been in body shop for the last 2 weeks due to various issues. Today, I took my wife and dog for a quick drive. Currently, there's a heat wave in Los Angeles and I left my dog in the car with Dog Mode on. While I was in the super market, the app notified me that...
  9. Xambler

    Climate keeper unavailable due to system fault

    Got this message when trying to set dog mode today. Tried setting a mobile appointment but earliest they can get here is April 8. Tried rebooting the car. Anyone else seeing this problem? I’m on the newest update.
  10. W

    Model 3 AC only works on "LO" temperature setting

    So I took my 6 months old model 3 MR that has (had and later updated to 4.1) 2019.20.2.1 to grocery shopping. Turned on AC and had temp setting on 73F but only fan turned on and started blowing air (hot due to afternoon time). Tried all different permutations and combinations (Auto, turn on...
  11. K

    Default setting for Heated Seats on Mobile Climate page

    Does anyone know how to set the default heated seat setting when turning on the Climate settings in mobile? It keeps my temp value (21.0 C) but all 5 heated seats are always set to MEDIUM. I have to tap 4 seats TWICE to shut them all off since most of the time I only want the driver seat on. Thanks
  12. jat255

    Buzzing/Vibration with climate system?

    Just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this or if it's normal. The past couple of days, I've noticed a buzzing or vibrating feeling in the footwell and the steering wheel that is definitely related to the climate system (it goes away if I turn everything off). You can hear it audibly...
  13. thegruf

    climate change - Is Elon too late?

    CO2 just hit new record 410ppm forecast to hit 500ppm by mid century. I can only be ashamed and say sorry to my kids
  14. fasteddie7

    Climate always on or precondition?

    Here's a question for the Tesla family: snowy day, 32° F out, expecting 3-5 inches, at work for 8 hours with no covered parking. I leave with 100% and get to work with 80% SOC. Do I : 1. Leave the always on climate at 65 or so to prevent build up of snow on the windows and keep the car...