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  1. L

    Starting a Tesla Owners club in Riley County, Kansas

    Hi! There are an increasing number of Tesla owners in and around Manhattan, Kansas. It would be great to get know one another and have EV and Tesla events locally. To get that started, two long-time owners, Phil and Sally, hosted a Tesla party at their house last Sunday (June 2, 2019), and...
  2. W

    New club

    Hey everyone. I picked up my Model 3 Dual Motor LR a couple weeks ago and am loving it so far (the pickup experience was pretty awful though). Anyway, it's such a nice and unique car that it made me think of my teenage years when I would see Corvette motor clubs cruising down the highway and I'd...
  3. Larry Chanin

    Club Members Featured in Local News Article

    David Link, of the Village of La Belle, owns a 2013 Tesla S P-85. Link, along with his wife, Angelia, are members of the Florida Tesla Enthusiasts club. The Links said they are in the process of buying two more Tesla electric vehicles. Some of our club members were featured in an article in...
  4. khalilamar

    Tesla Club Morocco, Club Tesla Maroc

    Hello, I am Khalil Amar, I am asking Tesla owners in Morocco to contact me so we can gather and get to know each other. I am already in contact with the first three owners of Model S in Casablanca, Morocco Model S P85+ ( 2013 ) Model S 60 ( 2014 ) Model S 90D ( 2015 or 2016 ) user: YCMS on TMC...
  5. M

    AZ Tesla Club . . . and Now For Our Next Act

    The Meet-Up between Phoenix enthusiasts and the great people from Tucson went incredibly well in Casa Grande with about 50 people and 25 cars, but now what's next. John P (huzz1970) will be suggesting a variety of trips and meet-ups soon, but I wanted to get some feedback on a variety of other...
  6. E

    Moscow Tesla Club International On-Line Meeting

    Hello to every Tesla Fan, Driver and Enthusiast! We are beyond the politics — we are EV fans! Let's get closer and be friends among clubs, cities and countries and support popularization of electric vehicles! Moscow Tesla Club is inviting everyone to our first international on-line meeting (over...
  7. M

    AZ Club Members . . . . What's Next?

    The AZ Tesla Motors Club is one the the largest groups on TMC and more active than most of the clubs. It is perhaps surprising that Tesla has so much owner support in a state that bans direct Tesla sales. Our club has sponsored a few meet & greets, done a few trips, have had some online...