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  1. M

    Tesla Y Clunk Noise over the bumps | 2023 RWD

    Hi guys, I am writing to you from Italy about a problem that I read often on this forum, but so far no solution. When approaching uneven road or potholes, you can hear a CLUNK from the front end as if there is something loose, not tightened properly. The noise comes from both sides, but with...
  2. R

    Tailgate clunk

    I have a clunk noise from the liftgate which the service was never able to resolve with multiple visits, they adjust bump stops every time which is also weird. Agrees on the noise it’s there while test drive, When fixing they will say not able to replicate and put the issue as resolved Even...
  3. kayrish

    Play/Clunk when rotating rear wheels back and forth

    Had the car up on jacks and heading a distinct clunk when spinning the rear wheel back and forth. Seen a YouTube video that states it’s normal but wanted a second opinion. 2018 Long Range RWD w/ about 90000kms. Video below for reference:
  4. T

    Loud clunking noise in 2021 Model 3!!

    When it is really cold (20-25 degrees F), I have twice had a really loud clunking sound from the front of the car. It happens within 10 sec of going in Drive - oddly, it didn't happen when I backed out of the driveway and about 200 feet down the road. I had pre-warmed the car for 5 min (High)...
  5. E

    Evasive Bang form the Center over big bumps

    This evasive infrequent clunk happens every so often ... you can hear in the videos as as I go over the bumps... it will happen at high speeds and sometimes when go over a bump...I have taken it to Tesla but every time I go out for a drive , I can’t replicate it ... it seems come from the very...
  6. S

    Model S Aftermarket CV Axles - Success!

    So my S90DL was making some clunking noises from the front under hard acceleration and while turning, I got under the car and noticed the CV boot was torn, all the grease slung out, and was certainly the issue cause of the noise. Tesla took the car and diagnosed the same thing, but said CV...
  7. F

    Vibration/bump and clunk noise every 18 seconds with AC running?

    I was told by a service center technician that it is normal to feel a slight vibration (enough for me to look out my rear view mirror to see if a person bumped/nudged my car the first time I felt it) and a low clunk noise that goes with it every 18 seconds with the air conditioning setting on...
  8. E

    Clunk from right rear, have vid.. ideas?

    Hey all, Hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas and New years. My Sig has been giving an intermittent clunk/thud from the right rear for the past month or two. It is not regularly reproducible, but most often occurs after car has been parked, once car is moving thud may occur anywhere from...
  9. J

    Clunking form submission please help

    I know everyone is tired of the thud/clunk noise discussion. A service center in North Carolina believes they have a solution to the problem. So far I have hundreds of submissions on my Google form from only people that are experiencing the thud/clunking noise during supercharging and/or...
  10. G

    Thinking of buying a Roadster-want to ask the brain trust a few quesitons

    This Roadster has 77k miles on it and is a "Sport" model. If I bought this it would be a daily driver. I did an extended test drive and noted two things and would appreciate feedback. This particular Roadster has a slight shimmy at about 35 MPH. It could have been as low as 20 MPH, I'm...