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  1. K

    Tint and Ceramic Coating pricing

    I've been looking into the XPEL Prime XR Plus and have contacted the only isntaller in the Pasadena (91107) area. He quoted me $1,325 for four regular windows, panoramic glass, hatchback glass. Do you guys think this is fair? Also, what do you guys think is a fair price for ceramic coating? The...
  2. D

    Model 3 paint wearing off

    Just noticed that rocker panels, lower door panels, and lower fender panels on my model 3 with 4000 miles has paint worn down to the undercoat. anyone else having this problem? solution?
  3. FilmTraveler

    Protective Wrap/Ceramic Coat Option in Hampton Roads VA (Norfolk/VB)

    Howdy all. Last time I posted was for advice when my new Model 3, Newmoon, got broken into--though it turned it it hadn't been broken into, just left unlocked due to bluetooth losing sync. [facepalm] But now, I get to post something positive. I searched around for a good way to partially wrap...
  4. S

    Model 3 Scratches All Over And What Tesla's Tech Said

    Im sending these pics about a new model 3 thats been purchases 6 months ago. I had a Kia Soul for 10 years and when I sold it the paint was in better condition than my current Model 3. Im curious if you guys experience a similar situation. The strange this is that the tech in Tesla mtl...
  5. W

    Rear Roof Glass Cracked - Tesla not covering aftermarket tint & coating

    Issues after issues.. here's the latest one: a stress crack similar to those posted in [1], [2], [3]. Tesla Service got back to me after I made a service appointment and I sent them pictures. A technician will confirm that it is under warranty. Here's the rub: I have my back glass tinted and...
  6. N

    Recommendation in Dallas for windows tint and paint protection

    Hi, I am a new Tesla Model 3 owner. I was wondering if any of you can help me with recommending where in dallas I can get my model 3 windows tinted. Also I am considering doing some paint protection. Since I am new to this it would be helpful what is the inexpensive way I can protect my model 3...
  7. S

    Squares on Model 3 Glass Roof?

    Had a rainy day yesterday and I noticed the raindrops on certain parts of the roof looked different than others. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that I have 6 squares of "different" raindrops on the roof that are in a symmetrical shape and can't be washed out. I've already tried wiping it...
  8. J


    Hello, I have a brand new box of cs2international titanium sh coating that I have acquired from a friend of mine for a debt he owed me. It is the very best stuff on the market right now. If you are unfamiliar with their products you can go to cs2international.com and check it out. The self...
  9. ShowCarPerfection

    Vendor Ceramic Coatings by ShowCarPerfection in Anaheim Hills

    Hi everyone! I'm Richard Lin and I've been a forum sponsor here for a long time, but admittedly not very active. We are pretty familiar to a lot of the Tesla owners but I wanted to make a post to introduce myself and my shop again to those of you just receiving your new cars and wondering...
  10. K

    Lots of Model 3 Newbie Questions- Hawaii

    Aloha! I configured my M3 and I'm in the "waiting" zone for delivery. In the meantime, I'm trying to kill time by looking at after market accessories and planning on how to protect my new baby when she arrives. If anyone has thoughts on the following, I would appreciate your advice: 1)...
  11. MountainRoad

    Experience with Ceramic Pro Coating in CO?

    I’m considering having my Model S coated with Ceramic Pro 9H by this detailing shop here in Boulder, CO: Ceramic Coating – Boulder Auto Detail Any suggestions based on prior experience? My car is more than a year old and I’ve never coated or wrapped it, so I would be particularly interested to...
  12. Kenriko

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 | DIY Ceramic Coating

    Length 11:26 | 12 Hours Labor | 24 Hours Cure TLDW How to wash, Clay, Polish, Prep, Ceramic Coat. 1) Wash with the two bucket system top to bottom, a foam cannon is handy. 2) Clay bar the whole car to get ride of contaminants. 3) Polish using a random orbital polisher and M205 with a orange...
  13. R

    XPEL Wrap, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Coating, Powder Coated Rims, Red Calipers

    I know Kyle (@Bulldog Kyle) of Bulldog Detail gets frequently recommended here. I want to add an overdue shout out for the work he did on my Midnight Silver Metallic S75. I got the following done through Kyle / Bulldog Detail and could not be happier: Full XPEL wrap Gtechniq Crystal Serum...
  14. S

    Cost-effective solutions for new car: Paint Coating? Tint? DIY?

    I just picked up my S60 today. Absolutely adore the car, and now I'm thinking about how to beautify and protect it, and I'd love to get your thoughts. My car is on a two year lease, so I don't want go too crazy (saving the splurge for my Model 3 P100L coming in 2018!). So cost-effective...
  15. Fahad@Robust

    Vendor Robust Blog: Most Common Question - Coatings vs. Waxes vs. Paint Protection Film?

    Disclaimer: Before we get into this article, please note that there are several more products out there and we recommend researching those companies or products that suit your needs best! This is just a general overview which will help you get started to seeking what you want for your vehicle...
  16. Brian@Impression

    Vendor 90D Full Paint Protection Film Wrap Topped with CQuartz Finest

    We love helping people who truly love what they drive, and setting them up with the best products and services for their needs and vehicles. Before taking delivery of his new Midnight Silver Metallic Model S 90D, this customer contacted us to find out what we recommended. He wanted to keep his...
  17. GasKilla

    What's better long term SunTek or Xpel?

    I saw a white S85 this morning in a parking lot and their "clear bra" was turning yellow. I ordered a black MS, called a couple of installers yesterday asked one guy what he thought was better and he said he would NOT put Xpel on the super high end cars he does (Bugatti etc). So I'd like to...
  18. Fahad@Robust

    Vendor TMC Connect Event 2015 - Exhibit Q&A And Our Brief Coverage (Blog)

    Hello you awesome people! I am Fahad from Robust Auto Detailing and after losing track of how many Tesla cars I've Opti-Coated up in the Bay Area, my company(which consists of one person ie. me but it sounds egocentric to say "I") decided to take part in the TMC connect event this year and...
  19. Brian@Impression

    Vendor CQuartz FINEST and Paint Protection Film on New Factory Delivered Red P85D

    Here are some pics of a Model S P85D new car protection job we just did and couldn't help but share. This customer reached out to us about a month before taking delivery of the vehicle straight from the factory. He wanted to get his paint as perfect as possible, with the maximum gloss and...
  20. Bulldog Kyle

    Arizona P85D - Paint Correction and Protection - Life Time Paint Warranty

    P85D Correction and Coating The car was initially inspected by Tesla North Scottsdale and sent to me for proper correction and coating. The customer had complained that excessive build up of dirt, tar and brake dust were a real concern. They also felt like they had to wash the car too often...
  21. Brian@Impression

    Vendor CQuartz Finest - Our Choice for Protective Ceramic Glass Paint Coatings

    About CQuartz Finest Coatings We LOVE what we do. We are car enthusiasts to the core, and our heart beats for horsepower, muscle cars, Harley’s and hot rods. We are in love with what Tesla has been doing – everything from the original S with its awesome in-dash screen and two trunks, replacing a...
  22. Brian@Impression

    Vendor A Big "Hi" from Impression Auto Salon!

    Hi Tesla Motors Club! We love taking cars and transforming them into works of art, and we are excited to be able to share our passion for auto detailing, paint correction, and paint protection with the TMC! First, let us introduce ourselves! We are Impression Auto Salon, a one-stop detail shop...
  23. T

    Vendor First Impression Premier Auto Detail - Official Sponsor

    First Impression Premier Auto Detail is a premier detailing studio located in Sarasota and Tampa Bay, FL. Owned by Pete Borras, a Master Detailer, Paint Correction Specialist and premier authorized installer for Opti-Coat Pro, Modesta, Gtechniq and Americoat protective coatings. Services we...
  24. J

    DFW Paint Protection, Tinting and CQuartz

    I took delivery a few weeks ago and this is who I choose to perform for paint protection and CQuartz. Paint Protection - Norm Schilling Owner and Installer Invisibra 2530 Tarpley Road Suite 100 Carrollton, TX 75006 (214) 704-9299 Invisibra - Highest Qualtiy Clear Bra in Dallas Auto...
  25. Shredder

    any change to windshield coating?

    Does anyone know if newly manufactured cars still have the special coating that blocks radio signals? I am going over my options for a radar detector and tollway transponder mounting. I have no issue with a garage door opener mounted on the sun visor.