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coatings + film

  1. T

    Wrap or Coating near Mentor, OH

    I have a Black Model Y, it's only been about 3 weeks yet I can tell I clearly need a lifetime ceramic coating or clear wrap seeing small paint chips. Any near by recommendations? I used Platinum Auto Detailers previously on a Range Rover on the far West side but would like a closer reputable...
  2. FrForget

    Best place for Tesla wrapping near Montreal

    Hi, I’m currently living in Montreal and I’m looking for the best places to get my Model 3 wrapped near Montreal. I’m still unsure which kind of wrap I want to do and I’m not sure is wrap quality is a thing, but if it is, feel free to explain to me the differences between the most popular ones...
  3. Capitol Shine

    Vendor Best Explanation! Benefits of Film & Ceramic Pro Combined

    Visit our Capitol Shine blog for a great guest blog post Ceramic Pro UK on the benefits of combining film and Ceramic Pro. Best explanation we have seen! The Benefits of Combining Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro - Capitol Shine Blog