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  1. U

    Accidental disconnect wouldn't let me finish charging to 90%

    Due to "high usage" Tesla lowered my charge limit from 90% to 80%, so I set it back to 90% and went shopping. When I thought the app showed 90%, I walked back to disconnect; but I misread the 80%. I didn't know because I just unplugged my car upon arrival; when I opened the door, I saw it was...
  2. W

    The referral code is BACK!!!

    Was at a supercharger today and checked on my phone for the charge level. All of a sudden, I saw a new screen with a referral code on it. I guess Elon must've figured out that it's way cheaper to use us to get people to buy Tesla cars than through their stores. Oh happy days!!!
  3. Q

    WTS Radio Flyer Code

    Hello all, I have a Radio Flyer code - looking for $450.
  4. A

    Is there a thread to post referral codes on TMC?

    I'm new here - wondering if there's a place to post referral codes here that wouldn't violate the terms of use. I have a code, and also happy to give away the black Tesla wall charger or the kid's toy Tesla to whoever uses it (I have no need as I have no kids and already have a wall charger)...
  5. L

    Kids car or charger exchange for code use!

    Hello! If anyone wants the Tesla kids car (any color) or the matte black wall charger, I’m willing to send to you for using my code - we’d love the Tesla battery which is the next reward on our account! :-) ~Lisa
  6. AhadV

    For Sale Tesla Model S Radio Flyer Redemption Code

    Hello Everybody! I have a Tesla Model S Radio Flyer Redemption Code for sale. Asking $400 Thanks for looking!
  7. snd92

    Decoding of option codes

    I believe it is important to know options chosen by the original owners of our Roadsters. Here is my list with the options I currently have: TOP1 ELT1 WHL3 WSC1 SVC2 SUS1 EXT1 RS1 INT5.BK.LG.r1.1 Currently my Roadster 2.0 has the following options: Insane green, exterior carbon, interior...