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collision avoidance

  1. K

    No warning, air bag, or braking - Collision with deer

    So, lastnight a deer ran into the front driver quarter panel on the highway. I was going about 55 and never ever saw it other than when it hit the windshield. There was no alert, braking and at the time I thought the airbag should have deployed. I'm getting a repair quote next week, but I...
  2. T

    Auto brake while reversing

    As far as I know the Model 3 doesn't automatically brake before a (likely) collision while reversing. Is there any reason why this isn't a feature? Will we ever see this on the Model 3?
  3. ggr

    NASA contract to SpaceX to research asteroid collision avoidance

    NASA has awarded @elonmusk and his @SpaceX team $69 million to design a system that could save Earth from destruction from an asteroid. Steve Jobs Ghost on Twitter
  4. pdxgibby

    POLL: Have you been rear-ended in your Tesla?

    I got my first Tesla in 2015. Since then I have been rear-ended once and had a number of close calls, but never had that problem in my first 25 years of driving. I've gotten very good a single-pedal driving and I've observed that it is possible to reduce speed from 40 mph to 5 mph in a Tesla...
  5. Keyed AEB Pedestrian

    Keyed AEB Pedestrian

    Keyed from a screenshot of Collision Avoidance