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  1. B

    FS: Model S 19" Turbine Winter Wheel and Tire package w/TPMS

    Winter Wheel/Tire package - Asking $1500 - LOCATION DENVER COLORADO - 80231 Rial Turbine rims - Michelin X Ice tires 245/45R/19 - TPMS sensors - Black Wheel nuts - No center caps/stock fit Used one season. No wheel damage, no repairs, no punctures, no stories, perfect condition. Came off 2014...
  2. Jason Bloomberg

    Tesla Body Repair - Denver, Colorado

    They were awesome. When our 2012 Signature Red P85 Tesla Model S was damaged the insurance sent me to another "preferred" body shop which had a higher estimate and was going to tear apart about 1/4th of the car to replace a damaged rear quarter panel. I went to another place that was going to...
  3. 804son

    Model 3 Wheels \ Tires \ TPMS Sensors - Like New

    Like New Tesla Model 3 Wheels / Tires / TPMS Sensors / Black Lug Nuts Enkei Ranjin 19" x 8.5" 35mm offset Tesla Model 3 (4) TPMS Sensors 235/40ZR-19 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S XL Black Lug Nuts & Black Metal Stems to match the wheels Hunter Roadforce Balanced Price: $1,800 OBO These Tires and...
  4. sdoorex

    Supercharger - Westminster, CO

    A development plant has been filed to install 8 V3 Superchargers at the Kum & Go at 7450 Federal Boulevard, Westminster, CO 80030. They will be built opposite of Federal behind the convenience store.
  5. MarcoRP

    Supercharger - Monument, CO

    According to the Town of Monument planning department, this Supercharger will be built at the Kum & Go (17970 Knollwood Dr). I haven’t received much more info other than the location, but based on that I would assume 8 stalls will be the maximum we see here. Will add on Supercharge Info.
  6. Z

    Supercharger - Craig, CO

    Moderator note: The first nine posts in this thread are a combination of posts from two threads, including posts attempting to consolidate discussion for this Supercharger into a single thread. We apologize for the confusion. I got a surprise today. As we were rolling into Craig, there was a...
  7. M

    Performance Model Y with 21's Needs Snow Wheels and Tires

    The Tesla service manager told me I MUST use their wheels and tires as I look for a 2nd set of wheels and tires for Colorado winters. Is that true? In the end, I'm looking for a 3rd party Tesla focused wheel and tire dealer in Denver that I can source wheels, tires and install. Any help would be...
  8. T

    NEED to borrow a charging cord

    Hey there, I need to borrow a charging cord adapter. I need to see if a Tesla Model 3 will even take a charge. The vehicle is in Denver. I can compensate you for your time! Please let me know!!! PM me. thanks to anyone that can help!
  9. mionske

    Colorado to Delaware Cross Country Road Trip Suggestions

    Planning on taking off early next week with my girlfriend and our dog in my Model Y. We are planning on taking I-70 all the way back east. I've worked out some rough trip plans with A Better Roundplanner, but was interested to see if anybody had any personal experiences making this trip that...
  10. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Kremmling, CO

    A fellow TMC member passed this email on to me. Details are sparse so far but the town of Kremmling has confirmed that a Tesla Supercharger will be located at the Kum & Go at 605 Park Ave, Kremmling, CO 80459. I wouldn't expect anything soon but maybe once things warm up in May or June we'll...
  11. Ostrichsak

    Like New OEM Tesla Model S Black Carpet Floor Mats in Northern Colorado

    Carpeted floor mats for the front and rear floor areas of the Tesla Model S. Should fit all Tesla Model S years as I'm not aware of any changes that would affect floor mat fitment. These were removed after taking delivery of our car and are in like-new condition. We removed them in favor of all...
  12. MorrisonHiker

    Supercharger - Lakewood, CO (Colorado Mills)

    After seeing no progress on Wheat Ridge and figuring Colorado Mills would be a good location, we scoped out the lot and somehow missed 16 stalls under construction! We were 50 feet away and missed the construction because they were on the other side of a brick wall. The 16 stalls are located...
  13. MarcoRP

    Supercharger - Thornton, CO

    A new Supercharger seems to be under construction in Thornton Colorado (237 E 120th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233)! Like the Supercharger in Brighton, both Superchargers will be located at Kum&Gos. There seems to be 2 V3 cabinets on site, so probably 8 stalls. Photos by Michell Blackmore on a tip...
  14. MarcoRP

    Supercharger - Brighton, CO

    A new Supercharger is under construction in Brighton Colorado! This Supercharger is located at a Kum & Go (5112 E Bromley Ln, Brighton, CO 80603). Photos by Michell Blackmore on a tip from @ColoradoEV on the Supercharge Info forum. Will update the map! Note: This Supercharger is part of a...
  15. Ostrichsak

    Looking for Either 2 or 4 tires in 19" all-season in Northern Colorado

    Minor emergency type situation here and looking to do something today to get one of our cars back on the road. Prefer really cheap or (ideally) free otherwise I'll just buy new from Direct Tire and get exactly what I want brand be with a warranty. Hoping someone upgraded or otherwise changed...
  16. P

    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    I ordered my White M3 LR AWD on October 19th. I was told that I'd take delivery by the end of the year, but still don't even have a VIN. I've talked to three Tesla reps, none of whom can give me an estimate of when my vehicle might arrive in Denver. Has anyone else in Colorado placed a...
  17. M

    Driving from Denver, CO to Mesa Verde National Park

    Hi, First time posting and just looking for a little advice. I’m going to be in Colorado mid-September and I plan on renting a model S. I thought the drive from Denver to Mesa Verde would be an awesome way to try out the Tesla platform. Just wondering if anyone else has made this trip in a...
  18. M

    Do tax rebates apply if you lost your car?

    My insurance declared my Model 3 a total loss (repair costs are too much). I live in Colorado where there is $5000 tax rebate from the state. Will I be eligible to get this rebate next year even though I only owned the car for two months before the loss accident? Also does the state rebate...
  19. M

    Best Body Shop in Colorado?

    I sent my Model 3 to Stuttgart Auto Body in Englewood CO for collision repair. It has been two weeks since my insurance did their initial estimate and the body shop has not yet started the teardown of the vehicle for their assessment. Every week they tell me they would start the teardown next...
  20. G

    Supercharger - Idaho Springs, CO

    Source is a Public Hearing at a city council meeting that took place Jun 5, 2019: City Council Live search for "tesla" "Tesla Electric Vehicle Charging Station Final Development Plan" Direct link to the Youtube Video that is linked from the search results: Relevant section runs from 5min -...
  21. SunCharged

    Service in Michigan

    Question for fellow Tesla owners in MI. According to Chat Support, to attempt to schedule a ranger to come out to look at your vehicle you are supposed to schedule an appointment in the app and then note your request for a mobile tech. Has anyone been successful with this? I scheduled a...
  22. S

    Alliance of Auto Mfgrs trying to influence Colorado's ZEV standards

    Not that this should be a surprise to anyone but the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is now lobbying to alter Colorado's plan to adopt California's Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Standards. Let's hope your legislature cares more about clean mountain air, because we all know what voluntary...
  23. Ostrichsak

    Supercharger - Denver, CO (Civic Center Park)

    I've seen lots of discussion about existing and coming soon Superchargers in the Colorado area but I saw no mention of this one that appears to be coming this year sometime. I thought I'd start a thread to discuss it's progress and see if anyone has any more updates or info. Feel free to add...
  24. L

    Charging in Telluride

    If you have been to Telluride in the winter, can you please share where you charged. I anticipate driving from Utah. Thanks
  25. P3D_Denver

    Colorado waiting room - M3 Performance AWD or non-Perf AWD

    Hello my fellow Coloradans! I haven't heard of anyone picking up a P3D or 3D in Colorado so let's track our orders together to see who is first and maybe even meet up sometime! Here is my info, I will keep you all informed as my order progresses. Reserved 3/31/16 (online) Configurator...
  26. MountainRoad

    Experience with Ceramic Pro Coating in CO?

    I’m considering having my Model S coated with Ceramic Pro 9H by this detailing shop here in Boulder, CO: Ceramic Coating – Boulder Auto Detail Any suggestions based on prior experience? My car is more than a year old and I’ve never coated or wrapped it, so I would be particularly interested to...
  27. N

    Supercharger - Wheat Ridge, CO

    So found a Pre-Application for Tesla Charging on the City of Wheat Ridge Permit Site Contacted the City Planner and this was a meeting with Tesla back in February for the possibility of a Supercharger located in the Applewood Village Shopping Center at I-70 and Youngfield. No official permits...
  28. vespax

    3 Destination Chargers - Main Street, Grand Junction, CO

    Hey folks, I wanted to share a little news and experience. In the fall I contacted Tesla about some DC for my office. They offered to provide 4 chargers (I opted for 3) and have them installed for the public to use. These are right on Main Street in Downtown Grand Junction! The additional...
  29. evp

    Supercharger - Estes Park CO

    Those tricksy hobbitses at Tesla have almost finished a Supercharger behind the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Co without even telling us. All it's missing is (as usual) the transformer. Oddly, there are 7 stalls. They might not have had room to put the 8th one in. @BlueShift: here's the GPS...
  30. mknoebel

    Colorado invites

    I haven’t seen any Colorado folks getting invitations to configure. Did I miss it or are we all still patiently waiting and hitting refresh?
  31. S

    Audio Upgrade Recommendations in Colorado

    Can anyone recommend a place to do an audio upgrade in the northern Colorado or Denver area? If you used a place around here could you also say what work you had done and how much it costs?
  32. P

    Need Colorado Owner Perspective on Range

    Help Colorado Tesla Owners! I am a in-store Model 3 reservation holder living in Denver, and I'm trying to figure out if I need to get the long range Model 3. I had initially planned to spend ~$42K on my Model 3 (not incl. tax, dest charge, etc), so just upgrading to the longer range will push...
  33. manitou820

    Colorado Tax Credit and Financing

    Two questions: 1. Does anyone know if Tesla is applying the $5000 Colorado tax credit during the purchase? I know Colorado made this an option starting in 2017, so I'm wondering if Tesla is taking advantage of that. 2. My reservation is under my name, but I'll probably do the financing under...
  34. Mike M

    Colorado - Llumar Films Wrap & Rayno Phantom Tint - MX 90D

    We just got our MX 90D back from Colorado Detail and they did an extraordinary job. Full front and rear bumper wrap in Llumar Films Clear Bra, GtechniQ Crystal Serum paint treatment and Rayno Phantom 30% tint on driver and passenger windows with 20% tint on upper half of the front windshield...
  35. weradln

    Loveland CO, Supercharger Status

    Have no idea what all the construction steps are but looking nearly done to my unknowledgeable eye. The power transformers are all installed and 9 charging stations are likewise set on their concrete pads. Still covered by clear plastic without the charging cables installed. Located at the West...
  36. b_rad

    Range in winter conditions and mountain driving

    I just put in my order for a X90D but before I confirm I wanted to check and see if anyone has data on efficiency loss while driving in the mountains in the the winter. I live in ft Collins, CO and have family in Steamboat Springs and will be doing that drive rather frequently. It is 155 miles...
  37. BlueShift

    Supercharger - Brush, CO

    Someone forwarded me an email discussion with the Tesla supercharger team in which they say "Although we cannot share the specific site location, we are moving forward with a site in Brush, CO". Earlier in the discussion they said "We are in the midst of construction for Supercharger Stations...
  38. dauger

    2824-mile Road Trip through "Indian Country"

    Hello my TMC friends. I wanted to share a post about taking my family on a 2824-mile road trip entirely using my Model S earlier this month: http://tesla.dauger.com/roadtrip1608/ We visited National Parks (it is the centenary) and numerous points of interest in Utah, Arizona, and Colorado...
  39. B

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ with 36k Miles for 66,000 (Brown)

    Model S P85+ in Littleton Colorado 36,000 Miles Includes Rear Facing Seats Sound Studio Package Tech Package Obeche Wood Matte Décor Grey Performance Interior All Glass Panoramic Roof Performance Plus Package Carbon Fiber Spoiler Brown Metallic Paint (Now Discontinued by Tesla)
  40. Sousaphil

    2013 Tesla Model S 60kWh 30,501 miles

    I'm selling my 2013 Model S through Mile High Car Helper (consignment sale). It's listed at $55,900 and the Colorado state tax credit ($6,000) is still available for this vehicle, which I had confirmed from the Colorado Department of Revenue. This Model S was "loaded" at the time of purchase...
  41. kushari

    Rental in Colorado?

    Hi Everyone, I'm flying in for the weekend on friday June 17th to Colorado. I was wondering if anyone would rent me their S or X. I'm here for a wedding, and I'd rather rent a Tesla than an Ice. I'd be returning to the airport on Sunday afternoon/evening. Thanks,
  42. DÆrik

    Refreshed Pearl White 90D Photos

    Hello, I just picked up my Pearl White 90D yesterday and thought I would post some photos! So far I have switched out my 19" Slipstreams for 19" matte black TSportline. I also added the TSportline lug nut covers (They really look great and cover up the factory lug nuts). I also used the factory...
  43. Ziska

    No, it's not a luxury car, at least not in Colorado.

    So, I'm trying to get a luxury limo license for my Model S in Colorado and Tesla is not listed as a manufacturer of luxury cars in this State. I need to "prove" it's a luxury vehicle and petition for a "rule making" from the Public Utilities Commission. To that end- any links or evidence which...
  44. flankspeed8

    Xcel proposes low-cost, off-peak rates for plug-in cars

    This appears to be a first for our local utility Xcel proposes low-cost, off-peak rates for plug-in cars | Star Tribune "The utility asked state regulators Friday to approve a new rate for overnight home charging of electric cars at a 43 percent discount to standard residential service. The...
  45. U

    Supercharger - Glenwood Springs, CO

    Very fun drive along I70 to get to this Supercharger. It's a bit of a drive to get back on the highway, taking you through downtown Glenwood Springs I would guess. It is a neat little downtown, and is worth the stop after Supercharging. I didn't walk around much during this Supercharge as it...
  46. Cottonwood

    Supercharger - Denver, CO

    There appears to be credible evidence of the location for the Denver Supercharger from krudy at Denver Supercharger ? - Page 3 at The Hampton Inn, 4310 Airport Way, Denver CO 80239. This find by krudy was also noticed by emupilot at Tesla Supercharger network - Page 543 Hopefully, we will see...
  47. napoleonblownapa

    National Drive Electric Week Sept 15-21 EVENTS in Colorado!

    Next week there will be several National Drive Electric events at the following Colorado Locations: * Fort Collins Sept 20-21 * Longmont Sept 20 * Boulder Sept 17 * Golden Sept 20 * Littleton Sept 20 * Colorado Springs Sept 18 I am not involved with these events, but I will have my...
  48. B

    Pikes Peak Hillclimb Rally June 29 2014 Who's Going?!

    Is anyone in CO (or anyone from out of state) going to be attending this years hillclimb event? Would anyone be interested in meeting up for Fan Fest and possibly do a group photo shoot? More info on the event: http://www.ppihc.com/ Let me know if you're going and I'll start a roll call! Tim
  49. GlennAlanBerry

    Supercharging in Colorado with 5.6 Firmware

    My wife and I made a quick little trip from Parker to the Tesla Supercharger at Silverthorne on Saturday. I had my Model S in the Denver Service Center this past week to get the tires rotated, take care of a couple of proactive TSBs, and get the 5.6 firmware installed. We averaged 360 Wh/mi...

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