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  1. MontyFloyd

    More paint choices than same 5

    Ordering a new Tesla there is option for only 5 colors, and has not really changed in years (slight color change) (Model S/X pricing, 3/Y is -$500) Pearl White Multi-Coat $0 Solid Black $1,500 Midnight Silver Metallic $1,500 Deep Blue Metallic $1,500 Ultra Red $3,000 Colors I would like to...
  2. C

    Creative Caliper Colors

    I am thinking about painting my calipers when I get new wheels put on, but I’m not quite sure what color I want to do. My car is pearl white and my wheels will be some variation of black, so I’m open to most color (Let’s try to stay away from red though). Pictures if you’ve done yours would be...
  3. F

    Poll: Light or Dark Headliner for Black Ext & Int?

    We're going with all black (obsidian, black leather, carbon fiber upgrade, and black 22" wheels. We were originally going to do the light headliner to give a sense of more open space inside. It will be for 75D. However, my husband noticed that for the P100D, they don't give an option for the...
  4. Pluto

    Non-ADA Compliant Traffic Information

    The other day I had someone new to Teslas in my Model S and he didn't even know what I was talking about when I said I was surprised the car didn't reroute to avoid the traffic we were going through. So of course I pointed out the huge red line we were driving through and the completely green...
  5. favo

    Red vs. Blue: Post your best pics and vote

    I was on Team Blue for about 4 years. I think I have switched to Team Red. About to pull the trigger on Model 3 Performance (with 20" wheels). Let's see your best pics of the best color and reason(s) why.
  6. SCW-Greg

    ETA for Model 3 White and Tan Interior?

    Any tea leaf readers, deciphers, deviners out there... calling when we’ll see white and tan interior options made available for config? How many others are holding out for this? I am not a fan of black interiors - detail gets lost in the dark and shadows, too claustrophobic, overly hot in the...
  7. elmos_world

    Impossible Design Studio

    Order a Model S Discontinued exterior color + discontinued wheels + Multipattern Black with Carbon Fiber decór with Light Headliner = the most impossible Model S in the latest Design Studio. Unless I manage to put Arachnid Wheels and Red Calipers on non performance, and figure out how to bring...
  8. cdub

    Current S & X OWNERS: What is your favorite currently available exterior color and WHY?

    I'm agonizing over what color to get for my Model 3 so I want to get current owners experiences LIVING with their colors over the years. I do not want votes from NON-OWNERS based on "Man that car looks sick!"... I want votes from OWNERS based on "I have owned this car with this color for #...
  9. plasmo

    Black exterior w/ White interior Model S

    I have 2 more days to decide on my color choices on my Model S before the specs are locked in. My initial preference was Obsidian Black Metallic w/ White interior. I haven't seen too many color combination photos with this configuration... does anyone have this and would share some pics...
  10. R

    Ordered 70D after 3 years of waiting/research, have 3 more days to confirm.

    My first post, so a small intro - Currently drive 14 year old Honda with 150K miles, have been looking for luxury EV/hybrid car for almost 3 years. I test drove many vehicles, eagerly waited for i3 only to be disappointed (just one of emotion). I saved a little bit in the mean time and...
  11. chriSharek

    Red or Blue or something else?

    I'm completely intrigued by this new Ocean Blue color. Does anyone have pics they can post of this new blue color? I've read all about the multi-coat red and hear that everyone absolutely loves it. Show me your best pic of your red car. The wife wants blue; I want the red. What do YOU...
  12. Phil Seastrand

    Model X Colors?

    Do you think the Model X will be released with the same color options as the Model S or do you think there will be new colors?
  13. tliving

    New colors coming?

    Im really happy with my grey but there are rumors a new selection of colors are coming: Tesla Model S new colors coming soon - TESLARATI.com I wonder if the paint hardness/quality will change too? I like a car that doesnt draw too much attention but it would be good to see some different colors.
  14. H

    Pick a color, any color

    In line with the pattern of Tesla Motors doing everything differently from everyone else in the industry (and doing it better), I wonder if there's a chance Tesla could drop the limited range of colors model in the future. Today you are offered the option to choose from a very limited range of...
  15. GeorgeB

    Model S Shows Its True Colors (Photos)

    Hi everyone. I've been watching all the threads about having Model S "true colors" stand up. So yesterday, we photographed all 10 colors of Model S in the same place, in the same lighting, with the same camera, from the same angle. We have posted the images here: Event Gallery | Tesla...