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  1. C

    Touch up paint for 20” inductions

    Does anyone have a good colour match for the induction wheels? Finally curbed my inductions and looking to sand it down and touch up the paint Thanks!
  2. C

    Model Y colour change after ceramic coat?

    I’m considering deep metallic blue for my new MY. I saw a post here where someone ceramic coated their DMB MY and the blue appeared slightly darker and I really dig the colour! I’ve read on articles that ceramic doesn’t really alter the colour. For those of you who know anything/have a...
  3. G

    Powder coating alloys

    Anyone had their wheels powder coated and can recommend someone to do this? I live in SW London but willing to travel an hour away
  4. D

    Colour and heat

    I am looking to buy and wondering about how much heat is generated with the large screen and glass roof. Ideally I would like a black one but I am concerned that my black dog will roast in the car. Any feedback?
  5. mnx

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Since someone was asking for a sticky for every colour of Model S, I decided a photo gallery makes a whole lot more sense. Home | Tesla Model S I've done a few colours so far but could use help compiling the rest of the colours. If anyone has some good photos of Model S in blue, white...