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  1. Z

    Vehicle to Grid

    I've had a thought about using my 14' Model S as a "power wall" in certain situations. I know Tesla doesn't support this but im thinking about this from a technical aspect. During DC fast charging, the battery is directly connected to the charge port so is it possible to make some communication...
  2. N

    Sales Advisor (SA) questions/ SA etiquette

    For some background, order placed on 3/28, MSM, 5 seat, white interior, induction wheels, no tow, FSD upgrade. The current range of delivery dates is May 6- May 18. At this point, I have not heard from or contacted a sales advisor. Is there any reason I should contact them before they contact me...
  3. A

    Bad service, great car

    I took my Tesla Model 3 for a pre-arranged appointment at Park Royal service centre (London, UK) at 10.30am on Friday Nov 20th. They said the repair--camera calibration--would take two hours and told me that they would be in touch as soon as it was finished. By 2pm, I had heard nothing, so sent...
  4. Ostrichsak

    Can we PLEASE Get a Competent Service Center in the Rocky Mountain Region?

    We have one in Littleton, one in Evans and a third in Superior (all suburbs of Denver BTW) that should be online sometime next year. That's three within about a half hour of each other in the Denver area. This is terrible planning. If they instead put the same three service centers in Denver...
  5. Missile Toad

    Why are there errors in the Tesla charger network database?

    So, I've looked, fairly intensely, at the Tesla 'findus' web-pages to figure out to what extent I can count on them. My sampling suggests that there are 1-2% errors in their data. They are not alone. The Alternate Fuels Data Center (operated by the U.S. government) has at least one GPS...
  6. chriSharek

    3G to LTE Update?

    Does anyone know what the network the current production cars come with? I remember hearing they were upgrading the 3G to LTE, but wondered if that has been done. Thanks. And by the way folks (NigelM), I did try a search to find this info before creating a new thread . . . . :wink:
  7. TaoJones

    When can S85 owners upgrade to the 90 pack, and will they get a 90 badge?

    When will S85 owners who want to upgrade to the 90 pack be able to do so via their friendly neighborhood SvC? Has the cost of $4500-$5000 been confirmed? $3000 as a new option is all well and good. If such an upgrade occurs for an existing S85, will it come with a 90 badge aft and suitable...