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  1. C

    Help me find a way to charge!

    So I recently moved to Richmond VA, I now live in an apartment complex and I don’t have anyway to charge my car. My commute to work is about 20 mins everyday and there’s no charger either. I’m scared to rely on supercharging as I believe that damages the battery long term, please if anyone has...
  2. T

    Battery cycle ranges and degredation over the cars lifetime (90-20%?)(95-5%)

    Hey guys, Ive been a huge Tesla fan and investor for about 5 years now. I am finally ready to pull the trigger on my first tesla (long range model S), but I am hesitant because I have a 200m round trip commute every day. I've done the math and figured I could make it there and back even on the...
  3. B

    Tesla Model 3 SR+ with 100 mile round trip commute

    Hi All, So I recently placed an order for a Model 3 SR+ which at the time of ordering has an estimated range of 250 miles. I drive 100 miles a day round trip, 50 miles to work and 50 miles home which is roughly 15 miles back roads and 35 miles highway (65-70mph). My wife and I have a bigger SUV...
  4. K

    Tesla Bike

    What do you guys think of this Tesla Bike concept? Behance
  5. fasteddie7

    Wow, I can blow through tires

    What on Earth am I doing wrong? I drive around 25,000 miles a year. I have done two "annual" service appointments so far this year, and both times I had to replace my tires. Is this normal? I purchased the good year 19s both times. Should I be buying a different tire or is there no way to avoid...
  6. B

    Autopilot for a 120 miles daily commute: is it realistic?

    First of all, apologies if you already saw the same question on some other Tesla forums, I'm trying to gather as much feedback and opinions as possible. :oops: So, I will be starting next month a long term contract in London which will see me driving there for at least 120 miles each working...
  7. J

    Self driving car musings from a tricky commuter

    About 4 weeks ago I got a new job and at the same time, a new commute. My new commute would probably guarantee a fail for AP2 right now and I have to wonder how many years it will be before it can get good enough to handle it. Yeah I know AP2 isn't "self driving" yet, but even when it is, my...
  8. fasteddie7

    Charging the 60d to 100%?

    Hi all! I saw a very small number of threads on this without a definitive answer. Seems to be reminiscent of the old 60kwh pack being software limited to 40kwh, but there wasn't a definite answer then also. Since it seems to be difficult to determine a definite yes or no, is charging the 60 to...
  9. fasteddie7

    Highway or country road driving question

    Hi all! I have around a 82 mile commute each day round trip that I could take one of two routes on my way to work and back home. One is almost entirely highway with tolls costing me $99.86 monthly, the other is single lane, occasional double lane, yellow divided country road with no tolls. I...