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  1. K

    Tesla Bike

    What do you guys think of this Tesla Bike concept? Behance
  2. B

    Autopilot for a 120 miles daily commute: is it realistic?

    First of all, apologies if you already saw the same question on some other Tesla forums, I'm trying to gather as much feedback and opinions as possible. :oops: So, I will be starting next month a long term contract in London which will see me driving there for at least 120 miles each working...
  3. igotzzoom

    Planning 10-mile eBike commute next week.

    Hi Guys. Well, I'm not a Tesla owner (yet) but I did recently purchase a second-hand eBike. After fixing all the issues on it after I bought it off Craigslist, I probably would have been just as well off buying one new, but that's beside the point. At any rate, it's running pretty well, and with...