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  1. C

    Tesla New Winter Tires Like Old Refurbished

    I bought a set of 'new' winter tires from Tesla's online store. It took 3 months to arrive and then 4 tires are fully covered by sealer bead. Complaint the service center but no response. Does anyone know how to contact Tesla to escalate the issue? I can't imagine Tesla Canada stop providing...
  2. M

    Tesla Warsaw center. Nightmare customer service. Looking for a complaint contact

    Hello fellow Tesla owners, I have had a worst experience during Tesla Service visit in Warsaw, Poland. Long story short - car was not fixed because of missing part after they have sent me a confirmation that all parts are ready and in place. Traveled ~600 km, rented a hotel for two nights...
  3. T

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    I'm asking here instead of directly to Tesla because their only Contact Us options were for solar roofs or calling a store and neither of them knows.... While test driving the Model Y I noticed the regenerative braking was pretty aggressive. I called the sales person from the car to ask if I...
  4. K

    File a complaint against the service facility at Santa Clara

    Hi, I wanted to file a complaint against a service facility at Santa Clara and Tesla really have poor customer service. If they don't want to talk about it, they will just ignoring you and never get back to you. Dec 2018 Model X have 4500 miles and spent 40% of its life in Tesla service...
  5. henchook

    Too many colors! (HOV Access stickers)

    We're all for Pride in California, but this is going too far. It's time to end the madness. This is fast becoming a management nightmare. There are no less than five different HOV stickers with different colors, and they all require that you place four stickers on your car, front & back...