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concept car

  1. Tina C

    Mercedes EQ

    Not a Tesla, but here’s some pics of the Mercedes EQ concept roadster that’s on display at Incheon (Seoul Korea) airport. It’s pretty cool looking. The part over the front of the driver lifts up for him to get in. Definitely not street friendly with the exposed tires.
  2. HankLloydRight

    Hackrod and the Tesla drivetrain

    Has anyone seen this yet? MicroVentures | Invest in Hackrod Really interesting idea to 3D print an aluminum chassis designed by AI. And toss out traditional automobile manufacturing methods. Watch the video on the link above. They're trying to raise just over $1m, but I think it's going...
  3. B

    Tulip Concept EV

    Hi, My name is Ognyan Bozhilov. I'm a designer and I want to present to you a project that I think would be interesting to the people loving electric vehicles. It's called the Tulip. It's three-wheel, ultra light vehicle for the city, very fun to drive and very easy to customize. I hope you...
  4. Beckler

    Aston Martin DBX concept EV

    Unfortunately just a concept, but this is probably the only thing that would even be in the same league as Model X: Aston Martin DBX Concept Photos and Info Car and Driver