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  1. C

    Wall Connector insurance coverage for condo garage spot in Florida

    Hello, I’m new to this group and this is my first post. I apologize if this post is not correct in any way. Please let me explain our situation. We purchased a MYLR in January of 2023 when there was a price drop. We live in a condominuim and so reached out the our HOA to gauge how they...
  2. K

    Super Charger only

    I’m looking to purchase the model y long range. My question is I own a condo and do not have a power outlet in my parkade so I would only be able to supercharge the Tesla. What kind of damage will this do to the battery over time? I’m wanting to own the vehicle for the foreseeable future and am...
  3. S

    Breakers for Tesla wall connector installed in Condo

    Hello All! I’m new to this forum and just have one queation: I’m living in Toronto and planning to install a Tesla wall connector to my condo parking lot. The electrician suggest me to upgrade breaker from 40A to 60A because “As per ESA if an equipment has multiple feature options, they...
  4. N

    Ideas for concealing backboard / panel / meter / electrical boxes for parking lot EV chargers at condo.

    Hey all, I joined my condos BOD for pretty much the sole purpose of completing an EV charging project. The project was finally approved and the install started today. We pulled out a new electrical service, so needed a backboard, electrical panels, and meter. I might be overly paranoid here...
  5. N

    Condo got budget approved for 2 chargers - electrician is installing a new 200 amp service (to expand later) - should we buy 40amp or 48amp chargers?

    I'm on the board of my COA and have been the project manager for getting EV chargers installed at our building. I just got some budget approved and we're going to start with 2 chargers, but want to have some room to expand down the line. We're going to put in two units, and I'm trying to...
  6. R

    Is installing a charger in a condo worth the high cost?

    My quoted price was $5k (including a charger, permit, labor, etc). I'm hesitant since I live within a walking distance of superchargers and other public chargers. But my guess is they are pretty busy. (1) Is that price normal for an underground condo parking structure in LA? (2) The...
  7. Z

    Gen 3 Wall Connector BUT I don't have access to WIFI (Condo Garage)

    Hi All, I searched and searched but couldn't find the answer on this forum or google. If it is indeed here somewhere, but i've missed it, my apologies. So I took possession of my 2021 model 3 on December 18th, 2020 and installed the Gen 3 connector on that same day by a certified electrician...
  8. C

    Electric Vehicle Charging Station installation in Ontario Condos

    Are you looking to have an electric vehicle (EV) charging station installed in your condominium parking space? Let me tell you it is definitely a long process but the result is well worth it! I have created this document to help other people like myself who are keen to have an EV but are not...
  9. B

    Help with finding an Electrician NYC

    Looking for an assist. We're planning to purchase a model Y but having some trouble finding an electrician in Queens, NY to do an instal for us. It's a simple job--drop is about 35 feet from the panel. Building is brand new and nothing needs to be done other than running the wire and installing...
  10. J

    Condo EVSE (ie. chargers at 'multi-family' buildings) Support Thread

    You working to get Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment installed in a condo, multi-family building, or high-rise? Have you heard/seen a project that we could learn from to make progress in a difficult situation? Do you have advice to lend to those that are struggling with being the first at...
  11. M

    Apps/Solutions for sharing an Apt Charger

    Hi everyone - I've done a good amount of crawling the web to see if there are any good apps out there other than Plugshare/Chargepoint etc that require either making chargers viewable to the public or having a specific kind of charger, and have yet to find a good solution for those who have to...
  12. G

    Convincing Apartment Management to get some chargers

    I am moving into an apartment in the Seattle area next month that does not have charging infrastructure. Does anyone have advice as to a good path to convincing them to get it installed? Helpful items would be: Good company to contact: Chargepoint? I don't believe Tesla actually does...
  13. TI Sailor

    Pinellas County Electrician for Condo HPWC Install?

    I have 2 Model 3's on order and recently contacted a Tesla-recommended electrician, Gulfstar Electric in Clearwater, to install an HPWC in my Treasure Island condo's undercover parking space. I have Board approval with no restrictions other than to have it connected to my meter in the common...
  14. M

    Condo charging options

    It's been a while since I searched so I thought I'd ask what condo charging options are available. I need something that's load balancing and takes care of billing and payment to the HOA. I'm aware of Evercharge and Chargepoint. Are there any newcomers? Does anyone have first hand reviews?
  15. S

    South Florida FPL Electric Vehicle Contact/Representative

    Group, Do we have a reliable FPL contact who can assist with Electric Vehicle charger infrastructure issues, specifically at multi-unit dwellings such as condos? Some background: Have been working with Evercharge and Chargepoint for the last 4 months on installing outdoor charging stations at...
  16. David29

    Successful completion of Condo charging installation

    Introduction: This post is to report a bit of good news. Nearly 11 months after taking delivery of my Tesla Model S 70D, I can finally “charge at home” like most Tesla owners do. I posted this story over in the Model S forum. This short post is to provide Model X owners a link to it, since...
  17. David29

    Successful completion of Condo charging installation – Now I can charge at home!

    Introduction: This post is to report a bit of good news. Nearly 11 months after taking delivery of my Tesla Model S 70D, I can finally “charge at home” like most Tesla owners do. This will be a long post, in case the story of my experience might help someone else sort out the charging...
  18. H

    Do I need a dedicated line when installing a 120V plug or are dedicated lines only for 240V?

    I live in a condo with a personal parking spot in a shared parking garage. I had an electrician do a site assessment and since my parking spot is around 400 ft away from the power vault (also I need scanning, drilling, permits, etc), the total cost can get very pricey. Since there is power all...
  19. David29

    Finally got approval to install charger at my condo!

    This week I received final approval from my condominium association board of trustees to install an EV charger for my Model S. It took me nearly a year to get to this point, so it is very gratifying to be able to say this. I am not yet done, of course, because installation still lies ahead...
  20. David29

    Finally got a taste of daily charging

    I live in a condo and have been unable, so far, to arrange to charge there. (Working on it, though.) So I rely on public chargers and Superchargers. Sometimes it has been an inconvenient time-waster, especially in winter. It has not colored my appreciation of the Tesla, but it has reduced my...
  21. David29

    Turned down for charger by condo association

    Today I received an email from my condo association board, advising me of their position on proposals I had submitted to them for charging my Model S. In essence, they turned me down. I asked for permission to install a 240 V outlet in a space in a common garage. The spaces are assigned to...
  22. David29

    Looking to connect with other New England owners who do not or cannot charge at home

    I would like to connect with one or more New England area owners who have a Tesla but cannot charge at home for one reason or another. In my case, I live in a condo with a surface parking lot and no practicable location to add a charger. And my condo association is not (yet) enthusiastic about...
  23. N

    Tesla Charging at Apartments?

    Has anyone had difficulties charging up at an apartment complex or condo? What solutions does everyone use?
  24. C

    HPWC installation for high rise/condominium underground parking in Canada

    Any Model S in Canada, especially Ontario want to share their story about their power charger installation ? Since I am putting a sub-meter for my personal use therefore a lawyer has to draft up an Alteration Agreement in which I am responsible for the lawyer's fee. :mad: Care to share your story?
  25. M

    Installing an outlet in a condo garage - Toronto

    So I got my condo board to approve installing a plug at my parking spot in the garage. They got a quote for install from Speedy Electric for $5,600 +HST to do the job!!!! Seems a little ridiculous to me. Anyone have any experience doing this? or can recommend a good company that can provide me...
  26. B

    San Diego: Recommendations for electricians to install 240V outlet in condo garage?

    In my ongoing research on dealing with the feasibility of buying a Model S, I have to deal with an HOA for my condo, and get board approval for any alterations to the common garage space to install power to my parking space. Anybody been there done that already in the San Diego area? Any...