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  1. MichaelP90DL

    How do I configure a Model S for 20" wheels?

    Today I put on some pretty cool staggered TSW wheels and new rubber. The car noticed a change and told me to configure the new wheels. However I see options for only 19" and 21". Does anyone know a way to configure for 20"? Thanks in advance.
  2. sooner

    Percentage of People Deferring

    This is an important number for a late reservation holder like myself (August, 2016), as the reservation numbers certainly skew positively on March 31, 2016, and weened off to a trickle after the first several days of it being live. (For those who do not know what a positive skew is...
  3. CUBldr97

    MODEL 3 - Anyone been asked or offered to configure yet?

    Has anyone been invited to configure their reservation yet? Employee, or otherwise?
  4. T

    Configurable Instrument Panel

    I'm trying to find ways to change the configuration of the IP - to show music on the left and to be able to change it on the fly. I thought it was possible, but I'm not finding anything on how to do it.