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  1. 2

    New Haven, Connecticut / Philadelphia area Model Y owner and TSLA investor

    Hi, new to this forum, though I’ve been a Tesla owner and investor since the beginning of the year. My wife and I moved to New Haven, Connecticut late 2021 though I’ve continued to work in the Philadelphia area until recently. Tesla has made these trips infinitely easier and more pleasurable...
  2. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Enfield, CT

    Tesla has proposed the installation of a 12 stall (3 PSU) supercharger at the Big Y in Enfield with an address of 51 Palomba Dr, Enfield, CT 06082. This was found by by Marco and shared via
  3. A

    CT eversource net metering and RECS confusion / issues

    Not sure if anyone is from Connecticut and has dealt with tesla / eversource on this issue. I am a bit confused as of late on both the net metering and also the renewable energy credits for eversource/CT customers. I had my system put in late last summer with pto in September. I noticed lately...
  4. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Fairfield, CT

    Tesla is proposing a 12 stall supercharger installation at the Fairfield Centre Shopping Plaza with an address of 696-700 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824. Zoning permit PZ-22-0448 was issued on 1/23/2023. This is presumably the Q2 2023 location on Tesla's find us map.
  5. K

    Supercharger - Vernon, CT

    I couldn't find a thread on Vernon CT. If one does please feel free to delete this thread. I see that we have a pin from Tesla Q4 2022: https://www.tesla.com/findus/location/supercharger/VernonCTSupercharger Any chance that the charger will be at the same plaza as Rein's deli? Any hints as...
  6. tes-s

    Supercharger - East Haven, CT

    Tesla got approval for a new supercharger in East Haven, CT. Looks like a 12-stall V3. https://www.townofeasthavenct.org/planning-zoning-commission/minutes/actions-decisions-11 First reported on twitter:
  7. V

    Model Y 2022 Uber Turbines with All-Weather Michelin pilot sport 4

    Hello Everyone Local Pickup Only. Danbury / Bethel CT area, zip 06801. Selling a set of 21" 2022 Model Y Uber Turbines with All-Weather Michelin pilot sport 4 with OEM TPMS. The tires have around 700miles on them before I swapped them out. Price $2,500, Accept Zelle or cash Only. 2 x 21X9.5...
  8. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Southington, CT

    Tesla is proposing a new supercharger installation at the Target in Southington, CT with an address of 600 Executive Blvd, Southington, CT. Permit application ZP-21-18327 reveals the following: Proposed installation of twelve(12) Tesla Super Charging Posts, two(2) Charpoint Posts and...
  9. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - Rocky Hill, CT

    Looks like Tesla will be installing a supercharger in Rocky Hill, CT at the Arch II Sports Bar & Grill, 632 Cromwell Ave, Rocky Hill, CT Ed Noseworthy is part of the Tesla New England area supercharger design team. There is a coming soon pin for Rocky Hill for Q322. @tes-s @MarcoRP @corywright
  10. Tdreamer

    Supercharger - New Haven, CT

    A new 12 stall V3 Tesla supercharger is being built next to the Ikea located at 450 Sargent Dr, New Haven, CT 06511. The supercharger is likely being built in the parking lot of the Hotel Marcel, 500 Sargent Drive, New Haven, CT which is being still being remodeled with a scheduled opening of...
  11. C

    Supercharger - Mystic, CT

    August 10, 2021 Zoning Board of Appeals for Stonington, CT shows that a zoning variance was unanimously approved for superchargers to be installed. Address: 12 Coogan Blvd, Mystic, CT, 06355 https://www.stonington-ct.gov/sites/g/files/vyhlif3851/f/minutes/draft_minutes_87.pdf
  12. W

    Certified Tesla Mechanics in CT or MA?

    G'day 👋🏼 A couple of questions for y'all. I'm interested in purchasing new tires for my 2019 SR+ TM3. Living in rural Connecticut, we get the best of both seasons so snow and ice are some concerns. Unfortunately, staying with All-Seasons for this set, but the tires I've found so far are these...
  13. eladts

    Per kWh pricing in New England

    Originally Massachusetts and Maine used per kWh pricing, while Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont all used per minute pricing. I yesterday looked in the car map and to my surprise, all the latter states have switched to per kWh pricing. It also looks the effective prices have gone up. I...
  14. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Hamden, CT - Dixwell Avenue

    Tesla's plans for a Hamden, CT supercharger got a mention in the city's Energy Use and Climate Change Commission's meeting on 2019-12-09 [pdf]. Though no address or specific location was given, we do know they are looking at a "shopping center". My guess is that it will be at the Stop&Shop...
  15. B

    Supercharger - New London, CT

    Per Rich from Tesla Owners Club Connecticut Tesla is "in the midst" of construction for a new 12 stall SC site in New London at the New London Mall which is right off North Frontage rd directly off I-95. According to him, all trenching and cement work is complete. Additionally the HW may...
  16. jaffy23`

    CT rebate - upcoming changes to CHEAPR

    Some big changes coming to the CHEAPR rebate program on Oct 15th. Time to get your order in! Drop to $1500 (from $2000) BEVs that can do 200 miles Eligible MSRP reduction to $42k (so no more LR AWD). DEEP: CHEAPR - FAQ
  17. tga

    Supercharger - Madison, CA (I-95 NB and SB Rest Areas)

    Superchargers are under construction at the I95 Madison rest areas, both northbound and southbound, between exits 61 and 62. Both are 10 stalls. I stopped by this morning to check it out. The northbound stations are behind the McDonald's building in the back of the lot (follow the truck...
  18. B

    Supercharger - Fairfield, CT

    per Rich @ the Tesla Owners CT distribution list... There are two supercharge sites under construction in Fairfield at both rest stops on both sides of I-95. These seem to be in prime location.
  19. tes-s

    Supercharger - North Stamford, CT

    Another under construction - spotted by a member of the CT Tesla Club! 1115 High Ridge Rd. Meter installed but not powered.
  20. Chuq

    Supercharger - Stamford CT

    Thanks to @statisticsmike for this one:
  21. J3ThePainless

    Trying to by can't find financing

    Hello everyone, I have placed my order for the new stander range plus earlier today but am having issues finding a financial institution who will finance a Tesla. I am a resident of Connecticut so the nearest delivery center is in NY and Tesla does not offer to finance in this state. I have...
  22. M

    Supercharger - Hartford, CT - Leibert Road

    Supposedly there are 8 Supercharger stalls under construction at the Pride Travel Center Hydrogen Station at 195 Leibert Rd in Hartford, CT. The entire rest stop is presently under construction and will be open “soon” but don’t know when exactly. I saw this on a PlugShare location but there were...
  23. W

    CT - petition to allow Tesla to do business in Connecticut

    Attn: Ct Tesla Owners please go to this address and sign the online petition to the State Legislature. Sign your name to bring Tesla to CT
  24. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Lisbon, CT

    Tesla to install new superchargers at Lisbon Landing shopping mall, right off 395 in Lisbon, CT. Supposedly, a building permit has already been issued, but if so they've had it for a while now (maybe since the beginning of fall) and I don't think there's been any activity on it yet. Address...
  25. W

    CT - State rebate CHEAPR

    As the Federal Tax Credit is tied to Federal Income Tax filing and tax liability I assumed CT's rebate/credit was similarly tied to the CT State Tax 1040. I'm guessing not now as there is a program CHEAPR that provides a $3,000 incentive for Tesla Model 3. However, in the fine print the Model 3...
  26. S

    Connecticut -- Latest News on Tesla's efforts in the State

    Well unfortunately, on December 6 a Judge ruled against Tesla in the State's case against Tesla's Greenwich gallery location. From yesterday's Hartford Courant news story: Connecticut judge says Tesla illegally sold cars from Greenwich gallery Article in CTpost: Judge: Tesla is selling out of...
  27. Chuq

    Supercharger - Waterbury CT

    I just saw this one appear on supercharge.info and noticed it didn't have a thread. No more details but given it is marked as "under construction", anyone nearby should be able to confirm! Close up of the specific area:
  28. The Raza

    Connecticut Gubernatorial Debate - Allow Tesla Direct Sales?

    For those active in local CT politics, here's a clip from the recent debate between Ned Lamont (D), Bob Stefanowski (R), and independent Oz Griebel which took place recently at Uconn. Lamont was the only one in favor. Obviously there are likely more significant issues to sway your vote...
  29. JSergeant

    Supercharger - Meriden, CT

    In case this hasn't already been posted: City Planner Bob Seale said the station is only a possibility at this time. “(I’ve had) discussions with (Tesla) and potentially putting it on a private property,” Seale said. He said Tesla has been looking at one location in particular, but did not...
  30. The Raza

    Supercharger - Hartford, CT

    Didnt hear anything specific about city super chargers nor destination chargers but saw these in downtown Hartford. Four spots right on Asylum street that seemingly are free of charge to use once completed. Kind of on the corner of Asylum and Main Street, by green fair market. Only problem is...
  31. SureValla

    CT Electrician for HPWC

    I'm looking to get an electrician in CT to install a HPWC. Any suggestions? I've tried the Tesla find an electrician page but only 2 results came up.
  32. st50maint

    Supercharger - Manchester, CT

    According to Supercharge.info there is a Supercharger under construction at the Plaza at Buckland Hills. The odd thing is that Manchester is not even on the coming soon map on the Tesla website for either 2017 or 2018.
  33. T

    Supercharger - Danbury, CT

    I might have just found something interesting in Danbury Fair Mall. It's a rather large construction zone located in the lower level of the parking garage and takes up a row of about 15-20 spots. I tried to peak inside to see what is hidden behind the green curtain. I couldn't get better...
  34. SureValla

    CT Tesla Bill 2017

    I got an email from Tesla the other day so I thought I'd start a fresh thread on the 2017 Bill in the CT House (HB-7097) attempting to make it legal for Tesla to sell its cars in CT. As of right now the bill successfully made its way out of the transportation committee by a vote of 25-10...
  35. M

    Supercharger - Milford, CT - Boston Post Road

    We are leaving from Virginia tomorrow to head up to New England, and our overnight stop tomorrow will be in New Haven. Seeing that the Milford SC is just west of New Haven, my thought was to stay in the area of West Haven or Milford this evening, then on Friday morning before shipping out...
  36. Cottonwood

    Supercharger - West Hartford, CT

    See New New England Supercharger Locations - Page 43 and http://www.westhartford.org/living_here/meetings_and_agendas/docs/Item_28___Administrative_Amendment___Tesla___re_1445_New_Britain_Ave.pdf. The second link has nice renderings from Black and Veatch of what's coming. West Hartford, CT has...
  37. aaron.s

    Supercharger - Greenwich CT - Merritt Parkway

    Greenwich, CT - Merritt Parkway North/South Update! All - I finally decided to swing by the service areas on the Merritt Parkway in Greenwich, CT to check the progress... Unfortunately not much seems to be happening and the Superchargers seem to be about 50% (or more) complete. There are 4...
  38. aaron.s

    Supercharger - Darien CT Rest Area

    All - JUST drove by the Northbound Darien, CT Service Area - it's now open! 2 Superchargers are there! They are not quite operational yet... the ends still have bubble wrap on them, but I suspect they will be ready ANY DAY! Southbound Darien, CT Rest Area (a mile away) is still under...