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  1. C

    Is this the latest update? 2023.44.30.8

    Trying to find out if this is still the latest software update for our MYP. 2023.44.30.8 Since that install the car has had “NO CONNECTIVITY”. Voice commands do not work, Sentry mode does not via app and the climate control does not work via app. App does not load on either of our phones...
  2. L

    Now and then the App won't connect via the Internet

    Hey, I'm wondering if others have had this issue, I've had it a few times now. We're in the UK (south of England) and my wife takes the Tesla to work as usual but upon leaving home and our WiFi the Tesla App on my phone is unable to connect to the car. I asked her to check the cellular signal...
  3. B

    Losing cell service

    My MX from 2018 has a premium connectivity package that is supposed to be free, but it constantly experiences a lack of service even in major cities. The signal bars disappear completely, and although the service occasionally returns every 5-10 minutes, it only lasts for a few minutes before...
  4. tom.t.walker

    App not connecting to car after update / WiFi issue

    After the update, my Tesla app (on Android) stopped connecting to my car. It almost always say "Last seen xxx minutes/hours ago". Also, in the car, when I go to "Controls" (car icon in left bottom) > "Upgrades", it says "Service Unavailable." So it's a general connectivity issue...
  5. I

    Operating long term without a SIM card

    Hey all, have done my best to search the forums before posting and I can't find this topic discussed anywhere. If I've made a mistake and there's a thread I missed, let me know and I'll take a look. I'd like to purchase a used SIM-enabled used Tesla (no eSIM) and remove the SIM card, operating...
  6. drewmcmanus

    Mystery Wifi Problem

    OK, here is the scenario: Two homes. Identical eero Wifi networks. Model X will connect to Wifi at both homes and download software updates, etc. Two different Model Y cars will connect at Home 1 no problem, but not Home 2 (error message: "Could not join <WIFINAME> The Internet is unreachable...
  7. K

    Exporting Car to Asia

    Hi guys So i am thinking of getting a model y next year. I am going to export from US to Myanmar and i have a few question about the car. I am well aware of the risk of not being able to fix the car in Burma apart from shipping it back to the states. I was told by CS from Tesla that I wont be...
  8. ElectricIAC

    Tesla Now Charging for Streaming Music

    Our 3MR’s “trial” ended 3 days past a year. P3D got grandfathered. Our new X is also somehow grandfathered. Not complaining.
  9. Jeff Wa

    Streaming services available w/ standard or premium connectivity

    Hey folks... What streaming services are offered in the infotainment system? In my 2015 Volvo I have Sirius and I have been a subscriber since my 1998 Jeep and in each subsequent car. I know that Sirius is offered but paying $10/month to Tesla for connectivity, and $12/month to Sirius, and...
  10. metropolis

    Premium Connectivity - Unable to access BBC iPlayer etc.

    Maybe this subject has already been answered in a previous post not able to find any info. So the wife discovered that programs on iPlayer (via the browser) could not be played when using the built in 4G, as the ISP is Dutch I believe. If Tesla want us to pay the 9.99 a month, surely they need...
  11. G

    M3 Bluetooth disconnects from phones every 18.5 seconds.

    I have a 2018 Model 3. Bluetooth has been mostly fine until recently. Perhaps it was latest firmware update? My issue is that the bluetooth connection to my phone (or any phone) disconnects every 18.5 seconds, then reconnects. Unable to have a phone conversation when it drops out, nor can I...
  12. A

    Connectivity Premium voor de standard range

    Weet iemand wanneer de connectivity premium abonnement komt voor de standard range? Ik kan het nergens vinden op de website. Ben vandaag ook langs geweest bij de dealer, zij hebben mij verteld dat het later komt... Op het internet zie ik al dat mensen dat hebben, maar dat is zeker nog enkel in...
  13. KeithT

    Tesla App connectivity issues

    My App (on Android) often does not connect - "Vehicle connection error" (or similar). In my case I think that the problem is that though the car is connected to my Wifi, the signal in my garage is weak. Sometimes it connects sometimes not. However, when the car is not connected to any Wifi...
  14. T

    Bluetooth Version in Tesla 3?

    In light of the fact that I am relegated to using the Tesla's Bluetooth to connect to my own High Res music streaming service (Qobuz), Im wondering what is the version of Bluetooth being used in Teslas and whether they ever update that? Is it version 3.0, 4.0, 5.0? (Yes I know I can playback...
  15. P

    Automatic WiFi Connection

    Does your WiFi automatically connect when in range (e.g. in your garage) ? My WiFi will NOT automatically connect - yet the car will show my WiFi network, with a strong signal, and I can manually tap on the network name and the car will connect (however, after an hour or so it will disconnect...
  16. W

    Bluetooth Headaches

    I am a newby. I cannot figure what I'm doing wrong. My Bluetooth cannot be on and still get any Internet on my iPhone X. And now the car won't link to my phone at all. Obviously I have the bt turned back on. And what is it with all those mac addresses (4 of them) on my bt list? Wondering if I...
  17. S

    I WANT MY MTV - or at least my premium connectivity package

    ok ok - Let me start off by saying this is the most amazing car I've ever purchased and my biggest disappointment is in the lack of info provided at pick up. I'm a tech guy and I can only imagine the frustration some must feel going home and trying to figure out what the car is capable of...
  18. enolam

    Wifi... the saga continues

    I've posted my frustrations with the Wifi in the past and my car even had it's "connectivity board" replaced to "fix" the problem. After the fix, it connected so I pretty much forgot about Wifi issues and moved on. Since I know new updates are coming, I thought I'd check in on my Wifi. When I...
  19. eXntrc

    Always Connected Model 3 Request

    (I'm creating this thread per the recommendation of @Akikiki) I really want to use apps like the My Tesla Alexa Skill and Wear for Tesla. Unfortunately, both fail most of the time due to communication errors reaching the car. The only way I can get apps like these to work is by connecting to...
  20. Eevee

    Lost Connectivity

    Last weekend I seemed to have lost internet connectivity in my Model S. I have not tried to reboot yet (I forget how to do it). What could cause this?
  21. J

    Does "OTA Update" Mean Via Cellular [Only] or Also WiFi to Internet?

    Do firmware updates arrive only via cellular (we have crappy, crappy, service where we live) or will they arrive via Internet if car is connected (have excellent WiFi access to net)?
  22. John3B

    LTE af fabriek niet werkend Model S

    Afgelopen woensdag mijn Model S 100D in Tilburg afgehaald. Tijdens de uitleg in het Delivery Centre werkte alles. Na het verlaten van de hal verdween mijn navigatie en kreeg ik een wit scherm. Direct Tesla Support gebeld en moest een paar keer opnieuw soft rebooten met de 2 scroll wieltjes. De...
  23. M

    MVPA does not show free premium connectivity + free charging

    My Moter Vehicle Purchase Agreement just showed up in my account today, about 1 week prior to my scheduled delivery date. It doesn't say anything about free premium connectivity, which I should be eligible for because I configured on 6/30, and it also doesn't say anything about free...
  24. J

    Grandfathered in to free supercharging and connectivity after upgrading?

    I reserved in 2016 ($1000) and placed my order on June 2018 ($2500) for an AWD model 3. On 8/30 I edited the design and upgraded to a performance model. Do I get grandfathered in for free supercharging and premium connectivity for life as my order was confirmed before the cutoff date?
  25. selfbp

    Odd connection issues? Anyone else 5/15/18

    Past day or so I’ve noticed the car isn’t always connecting through the application on my phone. I got in it today and the touchscreen wasn’t turned on and I got the ‘Powering up systems’ HUD message we all know of. Then the Center screen still never turned on?? So I did the restart procedure...
  26. C

    802.11g Not Much Happening on Wireshark Capture

    As I anxiously await the 2018.10.4 firmware update from the mothership, I thought I would try (first time) a little snooping of the 802.11g wireless traffic between my Model S and home AP/router (Motorola SBG6850). However, after monitoring for several hours, I noticed only a small amount of...
  27. P

    Does the internal ethernet connection allow access to the Internet?

    Can you access the Internet from the ethernet port? I've seen write ups about accessing the other internal devices via that port, but not whether or not the Internet is available from it?
  28. dturkes

    App Connectivity Issues

    Any current owners also have difficulty connecting via the app? Sometimes it takes multiple refreshes to even grab a connection before "Vehicle Connection Error" pops up. Seems like the LTE connection could use a software update or two.
  29. H

    If you have WiFi setup problems

    I recently purchased a Model S and found that it wouldn't connect to my home network. The Model S would recognize the broadcasted SSID's of my access points (Unifi AP-AC-LR & AP), but the Model S wouldn't actually connect to any of them. The Model S would attempt to connect (tried multiple...
  30. Mknac

    Tesla not connecting to car

    I can't connect to my MS uding the Trsla app today. Settings on the app are correct. Never happened since I picked up the car a month ago. Any suggestions?
  31. R

    Cannot Connect without First Rebooting Car

    In recent weeks (months?) I've been unable to connect to the car using my mobile app unless I reboot the car. After rebooting, I can connect instantly. I've verified this behavior in a controlled situation where I was standing very near the car, could not connect with either of two phones...
  32. Mr So Chill

    Only connecting at 3G

    I just took delivery this past friday and I have only seen a 3G indicator on my display since. I have been all over and can't get an LTE signal. My phone connects to LTE just fine. Ive tried resetting the dash without any luck. Does anyone have a way to for it to connect to 4G?
  33. Mknac

    Home WiFi

    When I get my Model S do I give the car access to my WiFi for updates etc or does it just do its thing using the LTE connection?
  34. C

    Connectivity randomly stops

    My week-old model X seems to randomly lose connectivity. This happens on the interstate so it's not a question of cell coverage. Sometimes it comes back on by itself, sometimes not. The "Always Connected" box is checked. If I lose connectivity I seem to be able to fix the problem by turning on...
  35. JimmyAZ

    Model S Bluetooth doesn't always connect

    I've had my 2015 S85 for about a year now, and I've noticed over the past 4-5 months that sometimes when I get in the car in the morning, although my iPhone is listed in the bluetooth devices list, it doesn't connect. Even selecting it and hitting the Connect button doesn't work. When I delete...
  36. J

    No Connectivity

    Had "No Connectivity" today (so voice commands couldn't be processed). On a beautiful clear sky day. Moving didn't help. Rebooting the center screen via the steering wheel buttons fixed it - but it forgot my climate settings. It had temp set to 72 on both sides (I'd had both set to 70 before)...
  37. jcadman22

    Connectivity Issues?

    After updating to firmware v5.9 I have had several instances where the car is loosing its network connection. In all cases, the center screen displayed at least one bar of 3G service, but album art, maps, Slacker, anything requiring data, ceased functioning. I have noticed that the issue...
  38. doctrewho

    Bluetooth not allowing two devices to connect simultaneously when it should

    A little background: In my old car I had a Pioneer app radio 3. I had my Android phone connected to it via Bluetooth for phone calls and I had an iOS device connected to it for streaming audio. Since they use different bluetooth profiles this worked like a charm. Fast forward a little and I...
  39. V

    Connectivity Issue

    Sig #127 S000127 V5.8 21" (Clifford) I've lost all 3G and wifi. This occurred, or was noticed right after a tire reset, for now I don't know if the two events are connected in any way. I will have the car serviced in December to look at the issue and it is completely drivable without 3G...
  40. dsm363

    Connectivity: service plan/upgradability/speed

    Some of the discussion regarding Model S data service discussed here among a few other topics warranty/maintenance speculation/3G Unknown at this point is if the cost of the data plan and the exact download speed. 3G has been reported but it looks like 4G will be supported in the future. One...