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consumer reports

  1. P

    Model X Reliability

    Debates are raging about the accuracy of third-party assessments of the Model X's reliability. Please share your firsthand experience here. If you are not a current or prior Model X owner, please do not respond.
  2. S

    Consumer Reportrs Drops Model S from Reliability list

    At one time the model as have the highest reliability rating from Consumer Reports. Because of the many issues with suspension, and screens etc. not to mention fit and finish, Consumer Reports now rates the model S very poorly. Hopefully Tesla will take note and do what it can to aggressively...
  3. K

    Summon via Key Fob outside USA (in Canada)

    There was an article (see link below) that stated Consumer Reports review of the Tesla Summon feature lead Tesla to release a “dead man’s switch” update shortly after. However, many customers expressed their frustrations online, saying the removed ability to summon via key fob severely...
  4. DJ 240V

    Tesla on the least reliable cars list - owners agree?

    see the post from consumer reports ranking tesla at the bottom of the reliability list. Largely due to issues on Model x. Why Consumer Reports rips Tesla for lousy reliability
  5. vandacca

    Where is Consumer Reports when you need them?

    OMG, there are fallible humans navigating our streets in large heavy equipment, carrying large containers of combustible liquids. Where is Consumer Reports when you need them? Yesterday, there was a collision between 2 transport trucks and a pickup truck, completely shutting down the highway...
  6. D

    Consumer Reports Tests East Coast Supercharger Network

    Great news item from Consumer Reports on the East Coast Superchargers. Tesla Model S Road Trip | Electric Car - Consumer Reports