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  1. rbcopod

    Messages with no contacts in 2023.

    In the holiday update the messages app now appears with no direct links at the top for favorites or contacts. One must go to the phone and access the contact there in either favorites or contacts to initiate a text. I think this is a step back in functionality and am hoping that a future update...
  2. RNHurt

    Repeating SMS Messages

    I'm having an intermittent problem where some SMS messages are repeated but without a contact name, only the phone number. It usually goes like this: receive and read an SMS message when I'm away from the car (ie. at home) get in the car a short time after receiving and reading the SMS message...
  3. A

    Add Additional Contact: Special characters in last name are not allowed.

    I'm trying to add my wife as an additional contact to my Tesla account but it won't let me. My last name has a hyphen in it and so does my wife's. If I spell out her name correctly I get the following messages when I try to save.: "Special characters in last name are not allowed. Special...
  4. D

    CRASHING ui: When in "Call" -> "Contacts"

    When in "Call" -> "Contacts" press "First"... whole UI crashes and reboots. Version 50.7
  5. Marmac

    Favorite contacts not showing in car phone app

    With the newest update I see that if you have favorite contacts set up in your phone they should now appear in the car’s phone app. I only have: Messages, Recents, Contacts and Dialer. No Favorites. I have iPhone 6s. Could this be a problem? I am also unable to reply to texts but I can...
  6. K

    Delivery Contact Problems

    I am all for Tesla trying out new ways of selling cars, but can it really be a sensible approach to selling a £35,000+ car to make it impossible for the customer to talk to any human being about their purchase between the point of order until they turn up to take delivery? I've tried all sorts...
  7. M

    Phone contacts and iOS

    Wondering if anyone else has this issue and if you were able to find a solution: I have a number of different Contact "groups" on my iPhone. When opening up Contacts in my Model 3 - it appears that it has only synced 1 specific group. And it's not even the first alphabetically. On my phone...
  8. M

    Some iPhone Contacts Not Loading

    It doesn't look like anyone has raised this issue in last year or two. Has anyone experienced a problem of the car only downloading some contacts from an iPhone? Mine only transfers the contacts with last names from A through the beginning of N. I had read somewhere that the car is capped at...
  9. efusco

    Contact list is suddenly blank-fixes?

    Have had my S for almost 4 1/2 years and one of the few things that's never been a problem before was the phone contact list updating from my phone. For the past few weeks, however, it has been totally blank. No past calls, recent calls, or full contact list at all. My calendar updates...
  10. jbumps

    Luring Tesla to a proposed Supercharger Site

    I've done some reading on here, relative to a few member's experience in getting a supercharger developed at a particular location/site. I've reached out to those members directly for some information, but would like to reach out to the forum as a whole for any experience or direction on...
  11. Z

    Navigating to addresses of contacts

    Hi, I finally took delivery of my Model S last week and so far everything is working great, but there's one thing I didn't figure out how to do yet: I read somewhere if you go to a contact in the phone app, you should see the contact's address and be able to navigate to it. I have many contacts...