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  1. A

    Sold 20" HRE FF01/Continental ExtremeContact Sport - CONCAVE - SoCal [Deleted]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 20" HRE FF01/Continental ExtremeContact 02 255/285. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. S

    Different tires, front and rear (new on rear)

    I would appreciate any advice. Not sure if I should believe the statement that "You need to replace all 4 tires to match the tread direction, thread depth, handling, etc" when I could just replace two rear tires. Here's my situation. We have a 2023 Model Y LR that we took possession of in...
  3. Barndenn

    FS: Half a set of Vorsteiner VFF-113 with Continental Tires

    Seems like a long shot but I need to get rid of these. Story behind this is both front and rear right side wheels and tires got destroyed by leftover debris from a car crash earlier in the day. So now I only have the front and rear from the left side which are still in good condition. Used for...
  4. P

    Need replacement tires Continental, Michelin, Hankook for Model 3 long range

    Sorry to be asking this question again but I find the information confusing in the different forums. Probably because the data is subjective. However, if the new tires I get are noisier then the current OEM Continental ContiProContact RX with Silent Tech, I'll never hear the end of it from my...
  5. I

    Sold 18” Rays Versus VT125S with Continental DWS

    $2200 with tires Decided to make a new post with updated pictures since the wheels are now off the Model 3. 18x9.5 +22 18x9.5 +38 Continental DWS 265/40 Wheels are only a few months old, along with the tires. No scratches, bends. Located in Los Angeles, CA.
  6. N

    Sold FS: SF Bay Area - 18" Aero Wheels + Continental DWS06+ 245/45/18

    For Sale -- Set of 4 18" Tesla Aero wheels (B- condition) -- Set of 4 18" Aero wheel covers (B- to C+ condition) -- Set of 4 Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus: 245/45/18 (Nov 2021 DOT) -- Additional 18" Aero wheel with no tire Tires were used for approximately ~1000 miles. Purchased...
  7. XHokie

    Model S Plaid All Season 19" Tire Options/Questions

    I'll soon be taking delivery of a Model S Plaid and had a question about all-season tires I'm hoping someone can advise/answer... My MS Plaid will have 19" Tempest Wheels w/ summer tires (staggered configuration) 255/45 front and 285/40 in the rear. I want to swap the summer tires out for...
  8. N

    Gemini wheels and Continental Tires: NorCal

    New set of Gemini Wheels and Continental tires for sale in NorCal. Set includes: - 4 Gemini 19" wheels - 4 tires: Continental ProControl 255/45 R 19 104W M S radial - 4 Gemini wheel covers *Tire pressure sensors NOT included These wheels and tires are in perfect condition with less than 150...
  9. J

    2016 MS: Would this configuration for rim/tires work?

    I have an old set of base rims OEM, but have a friend who might be able to help me out with Continental ProContact Rx (255/45/R19) off his MY. I would be putting these on my 2016 MS S90 ... Do the rims fit in the slightly larger tire 255 vs the typical 245 for the MS? Thanks everyone, I'm very...
  10. M

    Continental tires for sale. SoCal. 255/45R19 104 W pulled from stock Gemini wheels @ 8000mi

    Selling as set of four tires. Continental ProContact RX. Size 255/45 R 19 104 W. Just over 8000 miles on them. Plenty of tread life left. $500 pick up only in Los Angeles/Orange County area.
  11. S

    Selling set of Model Y Continental ProContact RX 255/45 R19 Tires (~100 miles)

    Switching out for a different all weather tire for my new Model Y. Looking for any interest in picking up in the west suburbs of Chicago, near Oak Park. ~$600 or best offer.
  12. S

    Vossen VFS-1, Gloss Black, 20" x 9", with Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 tires, like new condition

    I am selling my rear set of Vossen wheels and Continental tires as I have decided to go with a different size. For sale are two Vossen VFS-1 rims in gloss black, 20 x 9, 5 x 120, +35 ET, with mid-concave face, as well as the two Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 tires in 245/45r20. TPMS...
  13. A

    Like New Model Y OEM Tires (Continental 255/45R19) (Philadelphia)

    For sale: (4) Continental ProContact RX Grand Touring All-Season tires, 255/45R19 104W XL (ContiSilent) in like new condition — specifically driven-23-miles condition. I picked up my 2021 Model Y in Devon, PA, on Monday 14 December with 6 miles on the odometer, drove 17 miles to my local shop...
  14. Red Rocket IV

    2020 Model 3 Stealth Performance

    2020 Model 3 Stealth Performance White Ext Black Int 19” sport wheels with carbon center caps 9916 miles Asking $52k $10k + in added performance and protection Xpel Ultimate full body PPF GTechniq Ceramic coated Xpel Prime XR 30% tint all windows Tesla Sunroof and rear window screen Mountain...
  15. J

    Tires for sale San Diego

    Apologize if this is the wrong location but I did not see a better place. Is anybody interested in buying a second set of the OEM tires for the 19 inch Y? Stock Tires: 19 inch rims: Continental ProContact RX 255/45-19 104W I am interesting in selling mine, they currently have ~600 miles on...
  16. Blaine

    20 inch Slipstream wheels and tires For Sale

    MX by Blaine posted Sep 30, 2020 at 11:02 AMSelling a set of staggered 20 inch Slipstream wheels and tires from my Model X. $400!!!!! There is curb rash on each of them, but it can be fixed up easily. I have the lug nuts and center caps. No TPMS. Just looking to get them out of my garage...
  17. L

    TPMS gen1 exchange for gen2

    I gave 4 oem Tesla TPMS gen1 I would like to exchange for 4 oem Tesla TPMS gen2. Anyone interested let me know.
  18. UncaNed

    Model X OEM Tire Troubles

    Only 9,000 miles and already I had to replace 2 Continental Cross Contact LX 20" tires, (OEM) left front and right rear, on my Model X75D. Not an acceptable tire failure rate; I have a few gravel driveway potholes, and only once towed a lightly loaded trailer. Am I the only one having trouble...
  19. aikisteve

    Had to review my opinion on "silent" tires

    About 6 months ago I reviewed the Continental Contisilent tires and measured the noise they generated versus the regular Michelin tires, without the foam padding. It turned out to be only a 1 dB difference, which is barely audible. After putting on foam padded tires on the Arachnid rims, I...
  20. R

    Help: Conti Silent Tire Repair?

    My X100D only has about 6400 miles on it, and the tires were in great shape until I got a nail in the left-rear tire yesterday. It's right in the middle of the tread and looks totally repairable, but two tire shops (one Tires Plus, one Tire Kingdom) refused to repair it today. They both said it...
  21. MTBHXC

    Michelin, Continental, and Pirelli tires 245/35/21 & 265/35/21

    This is what I have in 245/35/21.. Continental ContiSportContact 5 ContiSilent (foam lined inner) 4 with 8/32" tread 2 with 7/32" tread (1 patched but holds air perfectly fine) Continental ExtremeContact DW (non foam) 1 with 8/32" tread 1 with 10/32" tread Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 5...
  22. Vger

    Continental 21's: Increasing tire noise with wear?

    My Continentals are wearing fairly evenly, but are now probably in the last 10,000 km or so of their life. The tread is still well above the wear bars, but now by maybe only 2-3 mm. My question is this: I seem to have noticed a significant increase in impact noise, even on smooth pavement, and...
  23. jebzter

    OEM 21" Turbine Wheels - Grey (700 miles) Perfect Condition FREE SHIP from Virginia

    *SOLD* SOLD SOLD I'm selling my set of 21" Turbine Wheels (Grey) that was used for approx 700 miles. Does not have TPMS but all wheels are in perfect original condition. Comes with the Continental Extreme Contact DW High Performance tires at 245/35/ ZR 21. These come Factory balanced from The...