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    Did I get FSD or not?

    Back in Apr 2018, I'm almost certain that we ordered EAP + FSD for our Model 3, but it doesn't show online today. I'm wondering if the names of things have changed or something? I haven't dug up my copies yet, but where did FSD go? Did I overlook this. (I need Enhanced Summon!).
  2. Labelman

    Is Tesla truly 'Different' or are the dealerships scam artists like the other car dealerships?

    Walked into Buena Park dealership 2 weeks ago. 2 days later ordered online. My Model 3 is now ready- 6pm appt set. Got emails from 2 different Tesla employees with equally confusing titles (Inside Delivery Manager and Energy Manager (what's an 'Energy Manager??') trying to rush the delivery-...
  3. B

    Lied to in Writing about Reimbursement by Tesla -- Anyone Else?

    Friends, In the first 55 days of my new Model S ownership, Tesla had the car in its shop for 38 days over 3 different stays. I custom-ordered the vehicle with every option upgrade included. The loaded car's problems have included 12v battery being dead within 5 days and then somehow dead again...
  4. R

    How many of you bought Tesla's ESA / Service Plans ?

    I'm curious on how many people bought Tesla's service plans, ESA, or didn't get either? Was reading the contracts on TM, & seems like the service plans may not be all that worth it given most repairs people have had were either covered by warranty or were official bulletin repairs that would...