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  1. Tesery

    Vendor Simplify Your Drive: Tesla Model Y / 3 Center Control Physical Buttons

    Are you ready to revolutionize your Tesla driving experience? With simple single, double, or long presses, these smart buttons grant you effortless command over your car's features. Each button is a powerhouse of versatility, offering a trio of functions, leading to a total of 12 dynamic...
  2. Y

    Round two: how much control will Tesla have on my manual driving?

    As a potential new Tesla owner I'm disappointed that you deleted my lengthy post... And to accuse me of trolling...? I have legitimate safety concerns before spending fifty thousand dollars on a vehicle that could potentially endanger me or my family with previously unincorporated driving...
  3. M

    FS: N2itive Adjustable Camber and Toe Arms

    N2itive adjustable camber arms and adjustable toe arms for the rear. Both brand new in the box. I decided to let go of my X instead of installing these. These allow you to align the rear wheels so you don’t get excessive tire wear. Teslas do not come with adjustable arms from the factory. Fit...
  4. Lasairfion

    Virgin unveils its Space Mission Control

    "We're inviting guests to step into the world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport tomorrow for the first look at our interior." Virgin Galactic on Twitter ------------ EXTRACT: UPHAM, N.M. — Spaceport America is no longer just a shiny shell of hope that space tourism would one day...
  5. gnuarm

    Limited Context Sensitive Help

    I've only had my model X since Aug and was still getting used to the User Interface (UI) when it was significantly changed with the new software update. Ok, I can live with that. But now I'm starting over again and having to view all the controls many of which I had researched in the manual...
  6. tiltmode43

    Is There a Definitive Answer? 20" Sport Wheel Includes Rear Upper Fore Links / Control Arms

    As you may already know, the 20" Sport wheel option seen here -> Model 3 20" Sport Wheel and Tire Package includes the following: 4 x 20X8.5J Sport wheels 4 x 235/35/20 – Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires 4 x tire pressure sensors 4 x Tesla logo Sport wheel center caps 2 x rear upper fore links I...
  7. strava

    Please replace the on-screen Volume Control with Mirror Fold/Unfold

    Since we can adjust the volume easily using left scroll button, the Volume Control on the touch screen is redundant. A Mirror Fold/Unfold control would be more helpful for those working with a tight garage door. Better yet, make it a custom control and the user can assign one of other...
  8. ratsbew

    How to stop the car from heating the cabin?

    I'm still new to my Model 3. Sometimes I notice that the car is heating (red user interface for the HVAC) when I really just want low AC. If I set the temp to 74 and it's already 73 then it seems to want to turn on the heater to change that 1 degree. There should really be a software toggle for...
  9. T

    Autopilot 2.0 is dangerous

    Hi everyone, So I understand that AP 2.0 is still "beta" which is kind of frustrating to begin with because I purchased my AP 2.0 Model S in December and its almost May and I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel when a fully rolled out version will become available. Anyway now that I...
  10. Haxster

    Tesla Model S Keyless/Fobless Controller

    My latest Tesla project: In the video, you can also see my dipped wheels, some of the chrome wrap, and my charging cable management scheme.
  11. vandacca

    "Doors Control" pop-up window request

    I have a new feature request... When the Model-X switches from Drive/Neutral/Reverse to Park via the "Park" button on the end of the drive-selector stalk, there is a handy little "Doors Control" pop-up window that allows one quick access to all the doors control. Once you dismiss this pop-up...
  12. J

    Climate settings

    I confess that I did not thoroughly scour the forums for this answer, so kindly redirect me if warranted. I took delivery on 4/1/13 in Anchorage, AK (no joke), and while winter is trying to give way to spring, the arctic forces are ahead at the moment. At any rate, the temperature last week...