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cooling system temperature

  1. H

    AC settings and displayed behavior

    Hello - I set my model Y AC on auto and have observed few things. Can you please share wisdom if this is normal. * On auto settings, the fan speed continue to show low no matter what the outside and inside temperature is. Sometimes I do hear fan speed go up but there is no consistent pattern to...
  2. zef3215

    Battery overheated on Model 3 LR 2021? [during supercharging]

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I have a question for Tesla Model 3 owners. Recentry I wanted to experience a super fast charging session (LG Battery - yes I know) at a V3 SC. So, I made sure I got there with warm battery and low state of charge. I got extremely good speed at the starting of...
  3. Mknac

    Battery Cooling Systems Runs Constantly

    My battery cooling system seems to run constantly. If my car is sitting in the garage and I walk by with the fob and the door handles come the cooling system starts running and runs for hours before shutting off. When I come back from a drive regardless of length or outside temperatures the...