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  1. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Cooling Party Controller

    Hey TMC, I'm pretty excited to show you our Cooling Party Controller that we've been working on. As you may know, we had some issues with our Long Range RWD car when we installed the rear oil cooler - the AC compressor decided the system was cool enough and stopped running! So we needed to find...
  2. MountainPass

    Vendor Mountain Pass Performance - Black Friday Sale 2020!

    MPP Black Friday Starts Early Because 2020 Dear MPP friends, it’s the time of year you’ve all been waiting for! Oh sorry – not the end of the election, or the end of the pandemic – we’re talking about Black Friday! We generally have our largest sale of the year on Black Friday not just...
  3. T

    Model Y - does it need a tint for heat?

    Coming from a Model S where without a heat rejecting tint, the a/c had to work overtime to keep up with trying (and failing) to keep the cabin cool. Once I had Spectra Photosync tinting done, it was a night a day difference in comfort. What I'm wondering is, given that most of the windows are...
  4. DeedWest

    Active Cooling Cycles (While Charging) MYSTERY?!

    Hey everyone. I currently have two 2.5 Sports under my roof - VIN 1414 and VIN 1462. I've noticed something rather spooky recently when studying the active cooling cycles while both cars are charging. I was hoping some of you guys could weigh in. THE ISSUE - 1414's cooling cycles (while...
  5. S

    Beware Car Washes!!

    Hey guys! I have had the same issue twice and I think it’s worth sharing: Twice after using a standard brush car wash, my Tesla Model X’s fan broke down. It was immediately after the car wash, noticeable as soon as you turn the air on in the car and it blows out hot. The first time I...
  6. L

    Hint: rear facing seat fans

    Hi. My kids get got in the back rear facing seats in the summer. I ran a 12 V lighter socket back there from the front one by tucking a cable under the carpet and seat. It looks great and doesn't get kicked. Then bought 2 fans that rotate and have 2 speeds on one pedestal. I screwed a plastic...
  7. T

    HVAC Heating or Cooling

    Is there an easy way to tell if the HVAC system is heating or cooling? You can tell from the app by the color of the airflow arrows (red vs. blue), but I cannot see any way to tell from the screen inside the car. This may seem like an obvious thing but at moderate temperatures, it is not...
  8. jpaz

    Arizona, the good and the bad

    For those of us in the Southwest, the summer heat is here. I've noticed the vehicle is a bit noisy when I first get in and drive off and presume it is the battery cooling system doing its thing. So far, ,it has been as high as 117 Fahrenheit, based on the thermometer reading on my dash panel...
  9. S

    Solar with Heat Pump for Heating/Cooling House

    My wife and I will be building a house later this year, and we're very interested in using solar to power as much of it as possible (ideally 100% after factoring in net metering). As we'll be building in southern Maine, we're very concerned about the cost to heat the home. Both our builder and...
  10. H

    My Rear Jumpseat Cooling Solution

    Now that summer is nearing, I thought I'd share with you what I used all last summer for cooling my rear jump seats. First things first, make sure that the a/c setting is either on fresh air or biohazard mode NOT re-circulation. Even though you can turn up the fan to 11 on re-circulation, the...
  11. essmd

    How adequate is the A/C airflow in the MX 5-seater for 2nd row passengers?

    There are several threads about this, but now that the Model X 5-seaters are hitting the summer heat for the first time since being delivered, many are questioning the decision by Tesla to eliminate the rear HVAC fan. Tesla needs to realize if they made the proper decision to remove the 2nd fan...
  12. T

    Yet Another Cooling Solution for the Rear Facing Seats - Evapolar

    So I was scouring through all the information out there about cooling the kiddos in the rear-facing jump seats, even thinking of engineering something when I came across Evapolar... World's first personal air conditioner I'm not sure of it's effectiveness but I may give it a shot. It's...
  13. A

    Tesla Thermal Management System - explanation

    So I would like to explain everything I understand about Model S (very likely Model X is similar) thermal management system. Number in yellow is slightly to the left of the object it refers to. It's easier to open the picture in different window, drag it to the left screen portion while keeping...
  14. essmd

    A/C Effectiveness in 5-seat configuration - Predictions?

    I am hoping to get feedback from 5-seat owners regarding predicted cooling and air flow to the rear cargo area when outside temps are over 100 degrees. I was one of those that was heartbroken and whiny when they eliminated the folding 2nd row seats from the original Model X presentation, so I...
  15. T

    Is Tesla Model S Heating/Cooling Effective like ICE cars?

    Hi folks, I am about to take delivery of my Model S (feels like I have been saying that for a year now, hurry up Tesla!!). Recently I came across a few threads and a video where folks pointed out peculiar problems with the heating and cooling effectiveness of Teslas. A number of folks say that...
  16. Alketi

    100kWh pack - geometry, pack density and ... immersion cooling?

    I saw this mentioned elsewhere and it has some interesting implications. Let's start with what we know: - Tesla uses "coolant" running through a ribbon between the individual cells, as described in these patent drawings As can be inferred from the drawings this limits the surface area...
  17. Mark77a

    Anyone cleaned their motor cooling fins ?

    Keeping the Roadster motor cool has been discussed before, but looking at the air cooling system it looks like the motor cooling fins could be easily choked by dust in the cooling fan blown air (like a vacuum cleaner sucking dirt off the road ! :rolleyes: ). A layer of dust on the fins will...

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