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  1. M3Papi

    M3P - Impacts to Cornering & Handling with Smaller & Narrower Wheels

    Hello, I’ve seen a lot of posts discussing the improvements in 0-60 times, range, noise, ride softness, and protection against hazards with smaller wheels. I need to switch to Ultra High Performance A/S tires once my M3P is delivered since we see below freezing temps in Delaware in the...
  2. Padelford

    FSD Beta Problems I've Experienced

    I’ve found that FSD Beta (under 2022.44.30.5) cannot negotiate a particular intersection geometry shown below. The vehicle just stops before the intersection and will not proceed. Here’s the setup: the vehicle is in blue with the direction of motion shown by a black arrow. The planned path...
  3. Jomak

    I did searches, handling anyone

    I have searched for a comparison on google and here, but I am not finding my answer. Taking out the Perf M3 can anyone give me a good review/comparision of the STD v Long range handling, fun to drive, acceleration, passing power, cornering. I'd really like to know if it's worth $9k more (I'm...
  4. hdAge

    Anti-roll bar(s) in AWD and P-AWD Model 3

    Now that the report of first P-AWD test drive is out, I noticed that it mentions having two anti-roll bars (front and rear) which would be great for cornering. Wall Street Journal reviews M3 Performance The Model 3’s uncanny stability while cornering is mostly the product of its...