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  1. Dr. Y. Tokui

    Rust protection & corrosion guarantee

    Hello all, Living in the Nordics, wintertime can be rough on any vehicle. I am considering a full rust proofing/protection, yet I have heard that according to Tesla, any corrosion guarantee will be void, if the car is given this. Not being able to find any information regarding this on Tesla's...
  2. Gwgan

    Model X power steering bolts NHTSA Recall

    NHTSA Recall Code 20V-062 certain Model X 2015-1016 bolts holding power steering unit can corrode and break. This was settled on early Model S some time ago. I received a letter about this in early April and the best guess at that time was that the parts would be available in Late Summer 2020...
  3. A

    Model X - Aluminum Corrosion & Pitting

    Has anyone seen this kind of corrosion and pitting? I first found this on the driver's door of a May 2016 built X. After consulting others on FB, I found more corrosion under the spoiler on the passenger's side. Question: I would appreciate hearing about other's related issues, when they...
  4. C

    Near Salt Water

    So, I am spending the week on the Gulf of Mexico. I drove around (in an ICE) checking out all the charging options. Nothing was being used, anywhere. But it brought a question to mind: if I ever used a charing station close to a body of salt water, should I be concerned about any effects of...