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cost per kwh

  1. JDEWD250

    Why I need my Tesla really bad

    TESLA SAVINGS PER MONTH This is why I need my Model Y so bad! First, these numbers are based on my current location and situation: SF Bay Area Current vehicle 2019 Honda Passport EX-L 2 years old getting 20 MPG, gas in SF Bay Area over $6.25 and I've seen $7 PGE with the EV-2 rate plan for...
  2. E

    Cost of use/interactive EV Charging log

    My landlord recently blamed my electric car purchase on the sudden increase in the electric bill (electric is already included in my rent), so to disprove her, I created this spreadsheet on Google sheet that shows the electrical expense and gas savings of owning an EV. Feel free to view...
  3. K

    Comparing EV Charging Cost to ICE Vehicles

    While I'm waiting for my DA and SA's to un-ghost me to schedule my CPO delivery - I ran some numbers and decided to share here here is a breakdown based on miles driven (30, 50 for daily usage, 1000 and 12000 for monthly and annual + 800 for a typical road-trip) electricity rates are broken...
  4. P

    Cost of Fuel Equivalent

    A question I'm asked every time I tell someone I've gone electric, is "how much does it cost vs a gas car?" Of course this isn't a simple answer, given all the variables involved. But I've honed it down to a short quick answer. "About half of what gasoline costs". The formula I use is as...
  5. I

    Supercharger pricing!

    Just read that it is now 27p per kWh. That's about 9p per mile. That's a huge charge for newer models. Not sure how it can be seen as value for money now. My 2016 is free, however, I feel for everyone else.