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cost to own

  1. M

    Model 3 Purchase - Quebec

    hi, I don't know if this is a duplicate question but none the less i'll give it a try. I'm looking to purchase the base model 3 (standard range plus). I'm from quebec, so I know there's an incentive of 13K between federal & provincial. (1) is that incentive take off the top during the purchase...
  2. M

    Model 3 vs Used Toyota Corolla Cost Calculation

    Cost Calculation in Ontario Canada for a new Model 3 vs a used Toyota Corolla with 120,000KM, driving 40K per year. The difference is only $1,163.00/year more for a Tesla and the used Corolla has none of the safety features or performance of a Tesla! Wow!
  3. P

    Cost of Fuel Equivalent

    A question I'm asked every time I tell someone I've gone electric, is "how much does it cost vs a gas car?" Of course this isn't a simple answer, given all the variables involved. But I've honed it down to a short quick answer. "About half of what gasoline costs". The formula I use is as...
  4. jpaz

    If not a Tesla, then what would you get?

    My wife is thinking about an EV. She wants something small for short trips around town. We are going to test drive anything and everything we can think of but frankly, don't want to get a second Tesla (only for budget reasons). Just throwing this out to see what others feel they might do. I...