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  1. jebinc

    Master thread: Cybertruck insurance premium quotes AND/OR repair estimates, if you had an accident.

    Creating a thread to capture new Cybertruck owners’ insurance premium quotes, and/or repair estimates - if you were involved in an accident with your new Cybertruck. Once you get a VIN and an insurance premium quote, please share it here. Helpful insurance data would include: - Location -...
  2. A

    When Do I Give up on my 90,000km 2013 Model S?

    My Model S ran amazingly and needed minimal service for the first 8 years. It's low mileage but had been in 2 major accidents and still drove really well after these incidents. Ironically, after my warranty completely expired last year, it's been nothing but trouble. I had the suspension...
  3. C

    Accident today - front left bumper

    Hi all. My model 3 was in a collision today which was front left of my car colliding with front right of the other drivers vehicle. This was a low speed crash at around 15mph. The front left bumper have been dented around the wheel and there are some scratches. It doesn’t seem too bad but the...
  4. S

    2021 Model 3 Performance Ownership

    Hi everyone so I recently made a order on a model 3 performance and wanted know if ownership worth it due to not having a tesla charger at home my garage has a 120v outlet and I’m 6 miles away from supercharger and not sure how much it cost to use a supercharger I recently sold my 2019 Dodge...
  5. I

    Should I full ppf my new white model y?

    Hoping for some input. Getting my white 2021 MY within the week. So stoked. Been trying to decide on ppf or not and full vs front only. It is white, no garage, parked outside not under trees or power lines. In San Diego so weather not huge issue. Wanting to keep car a while but not sure if they...
  6. E

    Price to upgrade to FSD from EAP?

    As of today, what’s the price to upgrade from EAP to FSD? I’m getting conflicting answers from outdated articles online.
  7. T

    (A hopeful) Beginner's Guide to Wheels/Tires

    The 8 year dream of owning a Tesla is finally coming to fruition, and I'm awaiting delivery of a Model 3 Performance. I then realized I don't know the first thing about wheels/tires. I know that range for the stock tires and wheel sets (at least the previous iteration) suffered as you...
  8. H

    How much is a new battery?

    Does anybody know? Assume you somehow damage the battery or it goes too low after warranty, how much would it be to have a new one put in? How much the battery and how much the work to change it?
  9. TesQuestJapan

    Charging Networks and Apps In Japan... What do you use?

    Hi all! I've had my LRAWD for about a month now and don't have a home charging set up. I have been using ev.gogo.gs to search for chargers and that has gone ok... But I was curious what everyone is using. I am pretty fortunate, in addition to being within 30 minutes or so of the Osaka SC, I...
  10. skydreamerjae

    Tesla just quietly increased their price by $500

    Tesla adjusts Model 3 pricing in final 2019 push as EV tax credits come to an end
  11. M

    Cost of yearly service?

    Friend of mine got his Model 3 about a year ago. The local Tesla service center wants to charge him $500 for yearly service. This is for rotating the tires, lubricating the brakes, and checking the windshield wipers. (And, presumably, things like that.) Is this the going rate for routine...
  12. SeanM

    Different charges during Supercharging.

    Hello All, I did a Myrtle beach trip over last week and for first time charged my Model-3 at Superchargers. The first 20 mins the Supercharger does around 450 mph - 525 mph, afterwards it starts dropping the mph rate of charging. My question is, after first 20 mins of charging the cost/min is...
  13. L

    Is Range Anxiety Fake News? Let's Drive 1012 Miles to New Orleans!

    I saw on the news that those who drive EVs have "range anxiety" and it is impossible to drive an EV for long road trips due to their short range and long charge times. Is this fake news? How do you use a Supercharger? How much does it cost to use a Supercharger? How long does it take to recharge...
  14. W

    confusion!! Tesla model s versus another basic priced sports car?

    So my Husband has spent probably £100,000 on new and nearly new cars in 10 years this is all i know - i don't know about running costs i do know that he got some of this money back on part exchanges but generally he buys a totally different car every 20 months roughly and is now wants to buy...
  15. D

    Model 3 Charging cost? - Significant increase in Electric bill

    Hello everyone, Has anyone been able to calculate the true cost of charging at home? I received my car on May 31 and have since put on 7250km,. I have averaged about 152 Wh/KM since i have had my Model 3. Over the last 3 years, my energy consumption for the month of June 17 to July 19 has...
  16. Andrew

    Full Self Driving Price - $4K upgrade no longer honored?

    We took delivery on our Model 3 on January 3. At the time, we were told full self driving would be $3,000 at purchase, or $4,000 after delivery. I know new orders are $3,000 now/$5,000 later, as I just watched a friend configure a couple of days ago. (Had my choices been $3K vs. $5K, I would...
  17. R

    How far must you drive to recover the extra cost of a Model 3?

    I've worked out a way to determine approximately how far (in km) you have to drive a Model 3 to recover its extra initial cost over a comparable gasoline vehicle, assuming the M3 costs 30% more. The spreadsheet makes a few simple assumptions about fuel efficiency and repair costs. Numbers used...
  18. A

    Supercharging cost for M3

    Hi, Want to check if anybody else has same issue: - I charged my M3 at supercharger and my car showed total amount of supercharging, $11.44 but on my Credit card the amount was $11.96. This happened earlier also. When I contacted Tesla, they said the amount charged is correct and car is...
  19. P

    Enhanced Autopilot: Future discounts (or free?)

    I held off on ordering EAP for my Model 3 because, having never experienced it, I couldn't justify the cost. It's comforting knowing that the hardware is already there, and that got me thinking: Is there any precedent for Tesla offering discounts or changing their policy on non-hardware...
  20. mwu

    Yet Another Cost Calculator

    I made my own cost calculator based heavily on one I found somewhere (I can't remember where -- if you recognize it, please tell me so I can give credit). The justification for yet another calculator was to review monthly expenses the car would bring to convince myself and my wife that we could...
  21. D


    Elon has done work with supercapacitors and has said they will be the future of electrical storage. The future is here now, at least according to a UK company Superdielectrics Ltd. (SDL). SDL is a spinoff of the Universities of Bristol and Surrey, UK. The claim is their dielectrics can attain...
  22. jkirkwood001

    Want to compare est. costs of various Tesla configs? in local currency?

    There are a number of Model 3 cost calculators out there, but I wanted one that did it all in Canadian dollars, so I made my own. I got carried away :) I've posted for anyone to try out here. International Tesla Cost Estimator 2018-03-02 14_31_57-International Tesla Cost Estimator - Google...
  23. A

    Model 3 has only seven Autopilot cameras?! (vs. eight)

    "Seven cameras, forward radar and twelve ultrasonic sensors" -- Monroney Sticker posted at teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/2288342/ "All Tesla vehicles produced in our factory, including Model 3, have the hardware... Eight surround cameras..." -- www.tesla.com/autopilot What do you...
  24. S

    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Last night we were out for dinner with friends who have a M3 on order and our MS was involved in a smash and grab through the small side window in the rear. It's a favorite way for perps to open the rear seat/s and look to see what's in your cargo area when deciding if it pays for them to spend...
  25. S

    Destination Chargers -- what are you guys seeing for payment for use?

    We hope to do a get-away at some point this summer/fall with our MS and was wondering what you guys who stay at places with Destination Chargers are being asked to pay for using them? One place we are considering is asking $10 a charge. Wondering how that compares to what you've seen. I think...
  26. P

    Supercharger cost? Free or not - Model 3

    Hi all, Maybe the below question has been answered already, apologize. Just reserved Model 3 and wanted to double check about Superchargers. Are those free of cost or not? Thanks :)
  27. T

    Supercharging cost?

    Anyone got a clue what SCing would cost for a Model S (90) from close to empty in Ontario or anywhere else?
  28. B

    Service cost?

    In a month of so my Model X will be at 12,500 miles. Has anyone "paid" for the annual service check yet and if so what did it cost?
  29. Maximilien

    Upgrade Cost to 75D (7K or 9K?)

    Does anyone know whether the cars before 11/22 price hike pays the $9,000 or will we be included in the new crowd for $7,000?
  30. A

    Supercharging Costs

    After using up the yearly allowance of 400kWh on the supercharger network, I'm wondering which of the following routes Tesla will take: 1. Charge for the cost of electricity and not take a profit, thereby using extremely cheap "fill-ups" as yet another good marketing device to sell the car...
  31. Dstrohl

    How much would YOU pay for a true self driving car

    One of the things that the recent announcement has done is made me think about what the full self driving capability (FSDC) is worth. Then I wondered what it was worth to others. So, ASSUMING that it existed, was tested, and approved for use in all the areas you NORMALLY go... what would you...
  32. ldgrmnmc

    Will the S model be priced too high?

    I’ve had several friends ask me, as a Tesla owner, what the difference will be between my S and the MUCH cheaper 3 (basically $90K+ versus sub$40K). And I’m having a bit of difficulty answering that. The 3 should be smaller, but many people have posted that it isn’t that much smaller (and I’m...
  33. C

    What tax incentives exist in the UK?

    Hi, I was hoping someone could tell me what incentives exist in the UK for buying an EV? Also will there be any not so obvious costs such as import tax or are these costs included in to the price?
  34. Matias

    Vampire drain a considerable cost on the long run

    Vampire drain has been quoted to be 1.2 - 2.4 kwh/day. For me that costs approximately 2 euros a day even if I'm not driving. It is a considerable cost on the long run. They really should address this better.
  35. chriSharek

    Is the 85D worth the additional $10k over the 70D?

    Would love to hear from 70D and 85D owners here. I'm ordering in 10 days and I think I'm willing to give up the SAS for the 85D (to stay within my wife's price range). If it was only the additional performance for $10k - I'd say it wasn't worth it. If it was only the additional range for $10k...