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  1. I

    SF Bay Area Residents - Are You Really Saving Money vs Gas?

    One of the main reasons for recently purchasing the LR AWD Model 3 was to save on gas, especially compared to our gas guzzling SUV. My wife and I don't have a terribly long commute and will probably only drive it about 8,000 - 10,000 miles per year. I live in the East Bay, where it gets pretty...
  2. Spiderbird2018

    Prepping for a Model 3 purchase - Would like your perspective

    Hi all! I've been lurking for a while on the sidelines while viewing articles from the blog and posts from the forums. I'm doing my homework on a Model 3 purchase, but would like to ask for some perspective to help guide a purchase. For reference, I have done a lot of reading in the forums...
  3. A

    Did you get EAP? Why or why not? (Poll)

    As the title says, why did or didn’t you get EAP?
  4. D

    Model 3 Charging cost? - Significant increase in Electric bill

    Hello everyone, Has anyone been able to calculate the true cost of charging at home? I received my car on May 31 and have since put on 7250km,. I have averaged about 152 Wh/KM since i have had my Model 3. Over the last 3 years, my energy consumption for the month of June 17 to July 19 has...
  5. barjohn

    What I Learned About My Model 3 on a 3,409 Mile Road Trip

    Road trip from Riverside, CA to Mount Rushmore, SD and Back in a Model 3 First a few basic facts: 1. Round trip Mileage: 3,409 2. Average WH/mile: 249 3. Firmware VER: 2018.24.1 4. Route with Stops: a. Riverside, CA to St. George, UT b. To Grand Junction, CO c. To Vail...
  6. JPWhite

    Tesla Web Based Trip Planner biased towards Model S and X

    Musk announced his intention several years ago to anti-sell the Model 3. The Web Based Trip planner is a case in point. I noticed when planning trips to the beach that the LR Model 3 was only marginally cheaper than a gasoline car while S and X cars saved a bundle. I suspected a bias in the...
  7. mrfra62

    Charging fee super charger Europe

    just got my new model X delivered and I'm planning Europe road trip as holiday. Sales person at Tesla said that charging at super charger are free (no costs) due to referral code of friend who drives Model X as well. So in the Netherlands I don't pay for charging at super charges. How about...
  8. databen

    Tesla vs Competitors: Maintenance Costs

    I recently did some analysis on the cost of maintenance for a Tesla Model S and comparable ICE cars. No surprise to the crew here but thought I would share in case you like looking at charts about Teslas like I do :) More details + Charts here -> Tesla Model S vs Competitors: Cost of...
  9. A

    Supercharging Costs

    After using up the yearly allowance of 400kWh on the supercharger network, I'm wondering which of the following routes Tesla will take: 1. Charge for the cost of electricity and not take a profit, thereby using extremely cheap "fill-ups" as yet another good marketing device to sell the car...
  10. singleview

    I'm thinking of getting a Model S: Would you recommend it?

    Howdy! I realize the answers will/may be biased, but wanted to try to get your honest thoughts/ suggestions. I'm in the market for a car, and have looked at the Tesla Model S, and several others (including the Mercedes E300, BMW, Audi...). I also test drove the Tesla Model X a few days ago and...
  11. B

    Total costs of owning Model S in Australia

    What is the total running costs (not including costs on the website designer as part of the upfront costs) of owning a Model S in Australia? I can think of: electricity - depends on usage - not particularly interested in this here. registration - assume this is the same for any car - my last...
  12. tliving

    Have you paid out-of-warranty repair costs?

    Hi folks, I'm nearing my extended warranty (ESA) decision for the 50K limit (I'm at 48K). Im looking for some actual costs on out-of-warranty repairs for things that would have been covered by an extended warranty. So not things like normal wear and tear, things from accidents/damage etc, but...