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  1. LBM4

    (Pics) - 2023 Austin Built MY AWD trunk storage side covers

    Finally can confirm a seller that has the side trunk storage covers that fit the 2023 Austin and Berlin built Model Y AWD. As you can see in the first pic, the left one fits all other Model Y's, while the one on the right is specific to the Austin and Berlin built MY AWD variants. It's more...
  2. G

    Available 2nd Gen Model S parts/accessories

    Sold my 2016 S and have several used parts for sale. Gonna do one post for all. I live in the greater Seattle area and only wanna sell in person if at all possible. Shipping can be done but cost is not included in price. For sale: ——21” silver arachnid wheels, TPMS sensors, one tire needs...
  3. J

    Model 3 Car Cover

    Selling a brand new model 3 outdoor cover - bought it thinking I would use it even though the car is garage kept lol Selling for $250 - still new in box Brand new cost: $327.75
  4. X

    Tesla Y car cover/umbrella

    I live in Miami and park in an uncovered lot. The car heats up to over 120 degrees constantly. I am looking for a cover that is easy to use on a daily basis, not for storage. Regular covers are tedious and seem to fly off with wind and storms. I’ve looked at various car automatic “umbrellas” at...
  5. S

    FS: Rimetrix Laminar 19" wheel covers for Model Y, set of 4, new in box

    Rimetrix Laminar 19" wheel covers for Model Y, complete set of 4, new in box, never mounted. Located in Los Angeles area, near the 210/605/57 Fwys. $320 firm at this time. Please pm if interested. Thanks.
  6. D

    FS Brand New, unused 18” Uberturbine Aero Covers

    Purchased these from Aliexpress a month ago and they got in today. I’m moving to a model S so I no longer need these. They come with 4 center caps still wrapped in plastic and foam 3M tape to help protect your wheels. There is 3M on the back of the caps to hold it in place. Asking what I paid...
  7. A

    Is there a half cover for the MY?

    I'd like a cover too help keep the car cool, but don't really want a full. A half-cover would be great, even better if it were insulated and weighted. Anyone know if such a thing?
  8. James Veitch

    Location of ventilation holes for camp mode?

    I'm gonna follow my bliss* through continental Europe. I don't know whether this will actually happen but I like the *idea* of being able to sleep in my car. I know that I'm meant to find places that will allow me to sleep but let's just say - hypothetically - for the sake of argument - by the...
  9. ShockWave

    2022 Model S (Long Range) car cover question

    Our Model S will be ready soon and we are interested in buying the indoor cover from Tesla but there isn’t much of a description on their site and Tesla isn’t responding to inquiry emails about that same cover. We have ordered a white S but the indoor cover is black. Does anyone know if there...
  10. A

    FS - 2022 New Model Y Gemini wheels and tires (Sacramento)

    Selling my 4x19” OEM, Tesla model Y tires, rims and covers. I get the car tomorrow, and leave Monday for 2 weeks of travel. $1800 I’m based in Sacramento. Happy to travel within a reasonable distance. Also looking for 20” tires and wheels. Please PM.
  11. M

    Dust sheet to protect Powerwall 2

    Hi all, Owner of two Powerwall 2s in UK here. They are installed on the wall inside my garage and I’m getting building work done (converting two single garage doors into one large automatic garage door) which involves removing a central brick pillar which is going to generate a lot of brick...
  12. A

    Quality of Evannex cover for model Y

    I live in the North East and have to keep MY outside. A lot of people have put their Evannex cover up for sale. Does this cover not hold up or have other issues as compared to the Tesla outdoor cover? Thanks, Alan
  13. bhorn

    MX outdoor car cover

    If you have the silver/tan outdoor cover you'd like to part with, I'm looking to buy it.
  14. oggunderscore

    For Sale: 19" Sport Rims Gen 1 2019 Model w/ TPMS & Tires & Center Caps

    Hello there! I bought a set of 18 Aeros in glossy black, so I no longer find a need in these. Washed them weekly with a wheel brush. I, unfortunately, had a lot of mistakes in parking lots and caused rashes on most of them. One is in flawless condition, two of them have minor rashes, and the...
  15. Mm2021

    Model 3 Seat and Steering Wheel Cover/ Protectors/ Coatings Recommendations

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for seat covers/ protectors, protective coatings etc basically anything to help protect the white seats? Was thinking about a steering wheel cover too, to protect the leather wheel so any suggestions would be appreciated! Also is there...
  16. kingston-ont

    New Model 3 Outdoor Cover

    I bought this outdoor cover from Tesla in the fall and then decided to build a carport. I've never opened the box. I paid CDN $430 plus tax. Asking CDN $350 including ground shipping anywhere in Canada, or $300 if you want to pick it up in Kingston.
  17. M

    MY Wheel Covers

    Hi All - Long time reader, first time poster here....I am in love with my MY, recently drove it from North NJ to HHI, SC. One thing I went back and forth on when purchasing were the wheels. I have the base 19" Gemini with the ugly wheel covers. I told myself at time of purchase, they were...
  18. E

    Seat Covers - Model X - Wet Okele

    Original Product: Seat Covers for Tesla Model X (6-Seat) Retails for $999 USD + Shipping + Duties (so CAD you are looking at $1500). I am selling a used set for $1000 CAD. They are in great condition, the middle row covers are a bit worn on the piping (no longer a bright white, but still stand...
  19. F

    Heat Pump Insulation/Cover Installed

  20. Dickie_L_J_O

    Did Tesla Remove NVH Cover from AC Compressor?

    Hello folks, I own a 2020 3. Apologies in advance if this should be under the Master Thread for 2020 changes. As per title, does anyone know if (and why) Tesla removed the shroud around the AC compressor in the Model 3? I had a look at their parts catalogue, which sometimes gets updated...
  21. FamilyT3sla

    FS: Used Model X Car Cover

    Used Model X Car cover in good condition. $200 + Shipping. Includes bag for the cover.
  22. J

    FS: OEM Model S Outdoor Cover

    Sold my Model S for a Performance 3 so no longer need Model S cover. I’ve used this cover maybe 4-5 times, like new. Comes with cover and bag, see pictures. Asking $300 OBO. Happy to arrange pick up in Washington DC area or ship at buyers expense. Feel free to reach out with any questions.
  23. NikolaWasRight

    WTB: 21" Twin Turbine lug nut cover

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for either a path to or someone selling the twin turbine lug covers. All help is appreciated, thank you!
  24. TheoSchijf

    Sliding floor cover in the back ...

    In my new S the floor cover in the back slides around. I experienced the same in another S. The problem is easily fixed. The Velcro (klitteband) fastener IS there in 3 spots on the loose cover, but is missing on the fixed bottom cover. Just get some Velcro self glueing patches and put on...
  25. J

    Aero cover scratched the wheels

    Has anyone had an issue with their aero covers scratching the face of the wheel beneath? I am getting ready to have new tires mounted on my aero rims and noticed some deep scratches at the edge of the spokes caused by the aero covers rubbing on the wheel. Apologize, I didn't have great light...
  26. ForeverFree

    Premium Model S Cover -- Near New

    Top-quality cover, approximately eight months old. Custom fit for S: Mirror pockets Charging door flap Front wheel ventilation mesh (for cooling during charging) Premium fabric. Rolls small. Designed to fit into most home washers and dryers. For 2015 Model S (pre-facelift), but will...
  27. Rosalind

    Car Cover for Model 3?

    I've had my Model 3 less than a week. It's super hot outside and I have no garage, so the car is baking in the sun all day long and the fan is turning on and off to protect the car. The Tesla branded car cover looks like it would be too much hassle to put on and take off every single drive. I...
  28. M

    Model S Indoor Cover For Sale

    Original Tesla Model S Indoor Cover (sells for $350+tax from Tesla), honestly used less than 10 times. Cover is in perfect condition. I do not have the included bag, though. Just selling because I'm switching to a Model 3. Willing to part for $150 + at-cost shipping with carrier of your choice...
  29. Knightro

    WTB: Outdoor Car Cover

    PM w/price if you need to get it off your books. Thanks!
  30. Triumphz28

    Rear Trunk Lower Storage Cover - OEM - Tesla Model S

    Rear Trunk Lower Storage Cover - OEM - Tesla Model S - black carpet - no tears, no stains, no issues. Pickup in Torrance, CA 90505 is preferred. Make me your best offer!
  31. fasteddie7

    I thought I had a standard keyfob

    My wife and I went to a Tesla social event today where we got to talking about keyfob sleeves. Some folks showed their red and blue sleeves, while others showed their fobs, when I realized mine didn't look anything like theirs, I pulled it out and everyone was surprised to not have seen that...
  32. cstromme

    Delivery delayed due to service center waiting for a new cover for back seats

    So my car is currently waiting for new a new cover (covers?) for someplace on my back seats. Apparently this is something that will be changed on all cars, so it's not something that's broken on my specific car. Anybody have any idea which cover this is, and why it's being replaced with a new...
  33. K

    Model X Car Cover Options?

    We are taking our Model X to the beach and want to cover it as it will be in the garage around a lot of bikes, wagons, sand shovels, etc. We'd like to get a car cover for it but wanted to see if there are any recommendations on good brands other than the $450 cover offered by Tesla. Tesla —...
  34. C

    Model S Outdoor car cover

    Hello, Does anyone have experience with using Tesla's outdoor car cover? I do not have a garage, will be parked outside for most of the time. Can the cover cause scratches etc? Any other cover recommendations? Ease of use is a priority considering i have to cover/uncover every day.
  35. Austin

    Model X Car Cover

    I know that Tesla sells a very nice car cover, but does anyone know which third party covers work well on the Model X? I've seen some sellers advertising covers that they claim fit both the MS and the MX, although I find it hard to believe, since the body shapes are not the same. If the cover...