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cpo used

  1. L

    Next Gen Seat CPO - comfort for a full sized guy

    I am looking at some 2016 CPO model S options and the seat choices are all over the place but mostly are either next gen seats or the premium seats (although these models are usually more expensive). I am about 5'9 and a bit over 200 lbs and from posts I've been reading many complain that the...
  2. K

    Do the CPO cars on, specifically model 3, go on sale

    They have a bunch of SR+ cars on their website. It's cheaper to buy a new one because of the rebates, not to mention you get a new car Im wondering at the end of the quarter if they discount these?
  3. antdun

    Family of 5 Trip Report | 5,883 Mile Adventure From Utah to Florida in a 2015 S85D

    My family of 5 went on an epic road trip in our Tesla over the Christmas break and I got a lot of questions from friends and family about it because there are some elements that are a significant paradigm shift from driving a gasoline vehicle. The #1 question I get asked is “How long does it...
  4. tbwnm

    CPO / Used Model 3 Potential issues

    Like many of you on this forum, I'm interested in a used Model 3 (specially; LR RWD or AWD). I spoke with Bill Collins at Used Vehicle Sales a week or so ago and they are expecting more used inventory in the coming weeks (specifically lease returns). The Tesla site had a few listings for 2017's...
  5. Kevin9920

    Damaged CPO Photos after down payment

    I purchased a CPO Model S 2015 22 hours ago and originally it had all these blurry images but had no damage pictures. I decided to check the images again and I saw towards the end of the images in the gallery a ruler for a massive scratch, 2 terribly curbed tires, major damage to the side of the...
  6. D

    Thoughts on this red 2014 S85 CPO for $31900?

    For the past few weeks, I've scoured over the Tesla's CPO listing for my wife's dream car. I've been limiting my choices to just her preferred colors(and much better resale value): red, black, white, and the new deep blue metallic and options such as UHSF and Sunroof. AWD, 4-year 50k warranty...
  7. B

    Buying a CPO vehicle. Ship it or fly and drive?

    I am ready to pull the trigger and buy and want your opinion on the pros and cons of shipping vs. Fly and Drive. Let's discount the convenience factor. I like the idea of seeing the car in person and negotiating the repair of any undisclosed defects. I am assuming that if I buy it and have it...
  8. M

    FS: 2014 Model S 85, Black/Black, Autopilot, 38K mi, $38K

    Hello, Selling my impeccably maintained 2014 Tesla Model S 85, RWD, with 38,000 miles for $38,000. Located in Southern Calfiornia, Costa Mesa, near Santa Ana (SNA) airport. 85 Kw battery Excellent Condition inside and out Light ceramic tint professionally applied 3M clear bra on all forward...
  9. D

    Need Advice on this CPO (2016 90D)

    Hi people! I'm new to the forum, and I'm wondering if anyone knows how much it would be to repair a small dent on the face like this? If you have trouble seeing it - it's a 1-2 inch dent slightly below the front-left headlight. Also, is $59,800 a good price for a 2016 90D? Almost mint...
  10. riskdirector

    Ordered CPO 2015 Model S 90D

    Last week I placed the order for used Tesla 2015 Model S 90D for $51,000 with 45000 miles. The order was placed by calling the sales agent who I am working with. $2500 deposit was charged right away to my card. So far I got 1. Car Fax report 2. Website description page of the car 3. Dropbox...
  11. robertmanning

    CPO Experience/Process December 2018

    Put down my deposit on a CPO Model S on Wednesday December 12th. I wanted to detail my experience for anyone else going through the process or thinking of going through the process in the near future. First, if you are located in NY state, Tesla will not honor a deposit you put down on a CPO...
  12. Eevee

    Suggestions for buying a used Tesla

    I recently bought a used Model S from Tesla (not private party or dealer). Because I had read these forums I was pretty much prepared for what to expect, but I thought it might be helpful to make a thread of suggestions for other potential buyers. While this info won't remain relevant forever...