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  1. V

    Seam Filler Cracks - Rear lift gate

    Hi everyone! I did some searching around and found some miscellaneous posts touching on this issue but none for the MY specifically. So - figured I would make my own post. Picked up my MYP in June. Didnt notice any issues on delivery inspection. However, when it was being ceramic coated, the...
  2. ECCtechguy

    Windshield cracked, preheat to Blame?

    Is it possible that due to snow and the preheat that the windshield cracked? It’s massive and not sure what the issue could have caused it. I saw no visible emanate prior to tbis.
  3. S

    Cracked Windshield From Defrost [after it was repaired previously]

    I purchased a 2021 Model 3 Performance New with 950 miles from a service center in Chicago in Dec 2020, the car had a few cosmetic issues that I noticed upon my walk around when seeing the car in person. One of the issues was a small chip on the windshield, it was fixed by the service center by...
  4. impee

    crack sound

    Hi all, I have had my M3 for just over a month now and since the past few weeks I hear this really loud crack sound, like some one threw a stone at my windscreen. This happens even if just unlock my car and just sit in it doing nothing at all, after about 5 mins, and even if I unlock and drive...
  5. B

    Repeated Stress Fracture on Front Windshield and Next Steps

    Long story short, very early stealth performance model 3 with numerous issues (15 items fixed by Tesla), trying to get some advice on my latest issue with the front windshield. Front windshield was replaced by Tesla due to stress fracture in December 2019. Almost in the same spot, stress...
  6. BennyMountfort

    Post your biggest F&*# ups

    How many of you have accidentally done something stupid to your pride and joy? Would love to see to make me feel better. Today I 'bumped' my laptop on the glass near the boot and because this glass is so stressed I now have to replace the whole panel! Anyway show me yours!! IMG_5869 by...
  7. S

    Spontaneous windshield crack?

    My 2018 Model X windshield cracked today, without any sign of physical impact. I am wondering how. We went to a local county park. The windshield was fine when I parked and put up the sunlight shield (from inside). I found the crack 1.5 hours later when pulled down the sunlight shield to go...
  8. E

    Broken back window

    I know there's more than a few posts on this but none of them fully addressed my issue. The back window on my 3, which has 826 miles on it cracked last weekend. It's the inner laminate layer is what cracked and the outside and inside of the window are perfectly smooth. It appears the...
  9. D

    Recalibration after windshield replacement

    Hi All! Had a rock chip crack my windshield in April, couple weeks after getting my TM3, today it finally spidered and got a pretty lengthy crack. I already found a Tesla certified Glass guy in the Bay Area to do the replacement, he actually advised me to wait for it to crack more to replace...
  10. B

    Input on Huge Crack in Windshield - Model 3 Delivery Day

    Well I went to Tesla today to take delivery of my new Model 3 SR+ Black/Black 18” Aero wheels w/ FSD. First thing I noticed was a huge crack in the windshield, unable to take delivery of the car. Huge disappointment but glad we noticed it before leaving the lot. There were some minor panel gaps...
  11. G

    Stress crack in rear windshield?

    Hi all, I took delivery of my Model 3 in late December 2018. Recently just washing my car, I noticed a crack in the back of the windshield. (Pics here: Imgur) What would be the best process to fix this? I talked to my local Tesla advisor and he said that if the crack wasn't noted during...
  12. jrc0yne

    Hairline Crack - Bottom Front Windshield

    I have had my Model 3 for about 1 month now and put almost 700 miles on it. I just noticed this small hairline crack on the bottom portion of the front windshield on the passenger side. I do not recall anything hitting the windshield while driving and I am not sure if this slowly developed or...
  13. E

    8 inch hairline crack in glass roof

    My toddler noticed this in my Model 3 while driving today. The car has been a 100% garaged while at home and it is parked in a covered parking structure while at work. I remember reading stories of some early Model 3's developing stress-cracks, but more isolated than widespread as far as I can...
  14. E

    Cracked windshield after annual service

    Hi, Well... the windshield of my S has a large crack on the passenger side. I picked up the car from the SF service center this afternoon. It didn't notice anything wrong. I drove home to Berkeley and parked the car, didn't notice anything either. My wife and I took the car for a ride a few...
  15. Raincloud

    Model X Glass Roof Crack

    So 6 weeks into ownership, my glass roof above the right passanger seat has a crack in it. It is hard to tell what happened and when, most likely something hit hard from outside. From the impact it looks likely to be a small rock or debris. Took it to the Tesla Service Center and they told me...
  16. T

    Warranty Coverage on Read Windshield

    HI Everyone, So today something very weird happened. While I was trying to mount my Thule rear trunk bike rack onto my Model S, in a moment that felt like a gentle snap of a finger, the rear windshield cracked at the top left. It happened so calmly and without any force that it almost seemed to...
  17. V

    Stress crack on X windshield

    has anyone reported stress crack on X windshield before? three weeks after i took delivery of X, i saw a stress crack developing on passenger side of windshield from bottom right corner. it was replaced under warranty. It took Spring Field, NJ SC awfully long time (nearly 3 weeks) to get...
  18. Vger

    Alas, new problem: Windshield Stress Fracture. Anyone else?

    While washing the car yesterday, I noticed a significant crack in our new (2+ week-old) windshield. I believe that this is a stress fracture, and hence a manufacturing defect, and not related to a road hazard or other accident. Note that the crack proceeds from the free edge of the glass at its...